Magda, also known as the "Witch of Connaught" and "The Thief", is a fearsome Lhiannan of Ireland. She not only hunted Garou and Kinfolk but also destroyed entire caerns.

Magda appears as a feral child, her outward appearance mimicking her wild heart. Her clothing — when she wears any — is little more than rags and is covered in dirt. Tattoos and mystic sigils mark her pale skin and her dark hair is matted with blood and filth.

She is one of the greatest enemies of the Fianna in Ireland.


Magda was born in the years before the Fir Bolg's final invasion of Ireland, inducted at a young age into the druidic priesthood that had recently gained a grip in the Isles. She demonstrated strong beliefs and precocious abilities and attracted the attention of the ancient Cainite who had accompanied the Celtic people from their origins in central Europe to the Atlantic shores.

During the invasion, the Fir Bolg brutalized Magda's body and left her for dead, barely clinging to life until nightfall. Her sire, whose name she never knew but who was ancient even then, chose to Embrace the young girl rather than see her talents lost to death.

Magda descended upon the interlopers with a fury that bordered on the insane, casting them back into the sea whence they came. Over the centuries and millennia that followed, the Witch of Connaught has sought to take enough blood to make up for what she sees as the insidious murder of her people's ways, fighting against the incursion of Christianity and then attempts to dominate the Irish Celtic culture by the Norse and later the Normans.

She haunts Connaught, her Beast always close to the surface, looking for a way to enact final retribution upon every living thing in Ireland. However, Magda holds herself distinct from the Cainites and other supernatural beings of Connaught, finding that — almost without fail — they seek to kill or dominate her. Her only regular associates are mundane animals, though she maintains a tenuous relationship with some of her more lucid childer.

The mortals of Ireland call her the "Witch of Connaught", a title that both the Garou and other Cainites have adopted when talking about the ancient Lhiannan. Both groups hunt Magda, though only the Garou actively, usually only in response to her own actions.

Many Fianna call her "The Thief" because she feeds on caerns as well as blood, draining (and in many cases destroying) their powers. Magda's knowledge of and affinity with the land is such that even the most powerful Garou have been unable to curtail her activities, each effort to do so resulting in bloody carnage.

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