The Maeljin are powerful Banes that are servants of the Urge Wyrms. They inhabit Malfeas.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Maeljin were once mortals, yet they became so thoroughly corrupted by a particular Urge that they were transformed into powerful spirits that embodied that Urge. Each serves his patron until he fails in some way, or until a newer and more powerful candidate floats to the top. The Maeljin act as the eyes, ears, voices, and occasionally hands of the Urges whenever more direct action is necessary. They spread corruption according to their Urge in order to strengthen the Wyrm. Mortals who know of the Wyrm and wish to pledge themselves to its service must approach it through a Maeljin. A number of cults form around such servitude.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Black Spiral Dancers refuse to traffic with the Maeljin, whom they see as more interested in their own politics than serving their master. The senior Pentex board has such close relations with the Urges themselves and the Triatic Wyrms that they need no intercessors. The Maeljin, for their part, see the Pentex Board of Directors as a threat to their own positions, so they seek to discredit the board members in the eyes of the Wyrm.

Even among them, there is struggle and conflict, as each Maeljin strives to become the favoured servant of the Wyrm.

Known Maeljin Incarna[edit | edit source]

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