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Madness is a type of Quiet affiliated with the Dynamism aspect of the Metaphysical Trinity.


Dynamic madness comes to mages who are too overwhelmed with raw, random change and chaos. This sort of Quiet leads to hallucinations, sensory deprivation, and eventually the formation of hobgoblins and mindscapes. The mage becomes trapped in a rapidly changing world created in his own mind, unable to determine the real from the imagined. Marauders are thought to exist within a permanent state of madness, unable to connect with any sort of objective world.

A mage who enters Quiet with an excess of Dynamic Resonance will probably suffer Madness. The effects of Madness are fairly random, but they can get quite drastic if the mage is overwhelmed with too much Paradox or just with a nasty strike. As always, the mage's particular form of Resonance may color the events inspired by Madness, which could serve as a possible way to separate fiction from reality.


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