Madeline Coventry was the founder of the Boston chantry and one of the first Tremere within the New World.


Originally part of the Winchester Chantry in Great Britain, Coventry was sent by her elders after Mithras restarted his feud with her Clan. Hiding from his agents, Coventry mainly focused on building a herd in these early nights. Relocating to Salem, she came into contact with a coven of mortals with interest in the occult, with a special focus on practices similar to the Verbena. Embracing them, she learned of their occult resources, including the Ür-Codex that played an important role in their rituals.

In 1692, Coventry was able to found her chantry in the wake of the witch hunts. Her enemies withdrew, believing her destroyed, and she was able to expand her influence unmolested, eventually declaring herself Prince. Realizing that she could not face her enemies alone, Coventry allied with the Brujah and other Clans malcontent with British rule to fight against them, using the chaos of the American Revolution as a cover. When the Sabbat came in to fill the vacuum, Coventry gained the enmity of the local leader, Sprenger. It is rumored that Coventry diablerized Sprenger, but nothing could be proven.

In 1795, the Winchester Chantry sent Baladin, an Elder, to New England to replace Coventry as the local leader. Coventry was furious that she had been used like that and the two clashed in a spectacular duel. While she was wounded, Coventry managed to flee back to Salem, where she fell into torpor.

Despite Baladin's best efforts, he could not locate her. When Coventry rose again, she built her own chantry along with the coven loyal to her and a long conflict between the Salem chantry and the Boston chantry began. When Baladin was found dead in his Chantry, most assumed that Coventry was behind the deed, although Baladin had also made enemies among the Black Hand. Coventry herself vanished in 1831 under mysterious circumstances, which were followed by a Sabbat raid on the Salem chantry. Rumors tell that the Inner Council had been involved.


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