Maciej Zarnovich is the Ductus of a Pack that disguises itself as a traveling circus of horrors.


During his lifetime, he was a Polish doctor who was jailed for experimenting on one of his patients. Afterward, he met his sire while working as a street physician. In 1826, his circus wreaked havoc upon the Masquerade in various Camarilla cities in Europe, until Zarnovich was forced to flee to North America after the original circus was exterminated by a Justicar.

Now, he and his circus travel as a nomadic pack, guarded by Bratovitch Revenants and dedicated to weakening the Masquerade. Currently, the circus has settled down in Montréal. Zarnovich is eager to continue his experiments and let them loose on unsuspecting visitors of his macabre entertainment show.


Zarnovich had his limbs stretched and altered by Vicissitude, giving him a tall, gaunt appearance. His face is extremely hollow and has well-defined bone structure. He always wears black to hide bloodstains on his clothes, but the smell of formaldehyde about him is unmistakable.

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