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The Macellari are a bloodline of the Ventrue that were spawned in the ending nights of the Roman Empire. They see themselves as the crème de la crème of their Clan, exemplified by their rarified taste - which includes masses of vitae and even human flesh.

The Macellari use their wealth to cultivate a number of tastes in mortal blood, viewing themselves gourmandizing vintners of exceptional draughts of Vitae. Their havens are often opulent and shared with at least two other members of the bloodline who act as their compatriots during their dinners and keep the mortal cattle fed.

All Macellarius are invited into the blood because they demonstrate an unswerving commitment to fulfilling their abnormal hungers. The vampires of this lineage begin to grow larger upon inclusion into the bloodline. Their flesh swells and distends as the dead fat within the body multiplies painfully. The vampire, over the course of three nights, gains an additional 100 to 150 pounds upon her frame. With each passing year, they become even more obese.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Ventrue clan

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