The Mabry are a Gangrel bloodline who don't actively hunt; instead, they set up elaborate traps for travelers in isolated areas.

The founder of the bloodline, Carlton Clyde Mabry, set up his first such waystation on the Klondike highway in the late 19th century. Modern Mabry may operate out of a roadhouse, gas station or restaurant just off a highway. They lure in travelers, in part by simply being the only sign of civilization for miles, though they also aren't above vandalizing road signs to ensure steady traffic. The more humane coteries will feed from their trapped prey, knock them out, then move them back to a main road. The less human bury a lot of bodies before they move on.

The Mabry are cliquish to a fault: a Mabry without a fellow member of the bloodline around suffers a penalty to all rolls.

References[edit | edit source]

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