Maatkare was a Setite methuselah, a childe of Set himself, and one of the Hierophants during the Dark Ages.


It is rumored that Maatkare used to be Set's concubine and her beauty was rumored to be able to stop the heart of a strong man.

Her task was consolidating the fractious Clan, ensuring loyalty to Set and his goals, as well as to temper her broodmates in their infighting. Clad in mysteries, it was difficult to read Maatkare's intentions, but her influence over the Followers of Set and its elders was tremendous.

She is the only Hierophant among the Seven who takes no discernible side but that which she claims would be most preferred by Set himself. The rest of the Seven generally agree, although sometimes grudgingly, and look to her to serve as Set's conscience in most matters.

She later fell into torpor and remained in this state, guarded by faithful members of the Clan.


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