Ma-Ha-Suchi is a Lunar Exalted warlord, mutated by exposure to the Wyld, who dwells in the East of Creation.

Biography Edit

In the High First Age, few Exalted could match the seductive elegance of Ma-Ha-Suchi. The Lunar sometimes slew enemies on the battlefield, but he preferred the subtler combat of the salon and bedchamber. Even the Fair Folk, whose beauty is the stuff of dreams, ground their teeth in envy of Ma-Ha-Suchi, the Wolf with the Red Roses.

When the Usurpation began, Ma-Ha-Suchi wasn’t predisposed to living inconspicuously. He became the subject of numerous Wyld Hunts before giving up and hiding in the Wyld… for too long. By the time the Silver Pact devised its tattoos, the Lunar fashion plate had become a bestial freak. Ma-Ha-Suchi used all his fabled persuasive powers to convince the Silver Pact to tattoo him instead of killing him so his Exaltation could find a new, unmutated host.

Had its leaders spent more time learning Ma-Ha-Suchi’s character, they might well have put him down. The disfigured Lunar now hated art, beauty and civilization as fervently as he once loved them. When the raksha invaded, he fought them with the courage of despair, and when they retreated, Ma-Ha-Suchi saw a world remade in his own ruined image. Then humanity started to rebuild, led by the Dragon-Blooded and their Empress. Some Lunars tried to shape their own societies in competition with the Realm. Ma-Ha-Suchi became one of the most powerful and eloquent Lunars to reject that program. He claimed civilization was a mistake from the beginning.

He reclaimed his ancient manse in the East and transformed it from an art museum and pleasure palace into a grim ruin adorned with the skulls of human victims. Tribes throughout the central East worship him out of fear as he drives them to greater savagery and hatred of their civilized neighbors. Ma-Ha-Suchi also breeds races of beastmen in his own image. These Half-Caste beastmen become leaders in Ma-Ha-Suchi’s brutal horde.

Ma-Ha-Suchi wields vast power through his Charms and his raw physical prowess, but not as much as he could at his age, for he has not raised his Essence since the Usurpation. That would require a vigil of meditation upon Luna and his own spiritual development—and Ma-Ha-Suchi knows in his heart that he’s fallen from his duty as a Steward. He tells other Lunars, and himself, he acts for the good of humanity and Creation by stripping away the pernicious lie that’s civilization. Ma-Ha-Suchi cannot confront his own monstrous vanity, which demands that the entire world share his ruin.

In his true form, Ma-Ha-Suchi is a manlike figure, about eight feet tall, covered in shaggy white fur, with goat’s legs and a lupine head bearing goat’s horns. He speaks in a weirdly bell-toned, high-pitched voice.

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