The Lynx are a bloodline of the Mekhet clan of vampires. Focused around the concept of connections, the Lynx seek to map interconnections for their personal use.

They are primary aligned with the Invictus and have members among the Carthians.


The bloodline began with a man named Martin Thomas, who was obsessed with networks and connections. He mapped the entirety of his local telephone network and was working on a map showing the connections between all local businesses. In doing so, he discovered a Mekhet who worked in the business and had no public face. The vampire in turn discovered that someone had caught her tracks and visited Thomas, Embracing him in the hopes of making use of his talent.

Instead, Thomas fell into depression, obsessing over the details of networks, trying to discover everything, but with no desire to do anything with the information. When the Internet came, however, his position increased dramatically. Thomas discovered that even there, some jokingly referred to him as "The Vampire" (for his nocturnal posting habits) and this motivated him to re-enter the Danse Macabre. With a small retinue of childer, Thomas became a major purviewer of information. He chose the name Lynx for his progeny. The lynx had, in legend, eyes so sharp it could see through walls, and networks are, of course, made of links.

The Lynx themselves never refer to themselves as a bloodline, insisting that they are a blood web, instead. As the line does contain a handful of Kindred who are not direct descendants of the founder, Martin Thomas, there is even some justification for the claim, as the lines of relationship do not all flow straight down. However, that is true of many bloodlines, and most Kindred refer to the Lynx in the normal way, regarding their insistence on different terminology as merely one more manifestation of the bloodline's obsession.


In addition to the standard Mekhet weakness, every Lynx feels the need to be connected to a network. Every Lynx must choose a particular network, and remain connected to that network at all times. The network must extend beyond the Lynx, but may be a network of friends, the Internet or a network of trading contacts. Anything that threatens to cut a Lynx off from his network might inspire a fear or anger frenzy. The Lynx suffers a -2 penalty to dice pools to resist a network-related frenzy. In such a frenzy, the Lynx tries desperately to protect his connection to the network.

Also, each Lynx is more vulnerable to the Blood Ties, thanks to their metaphysical link to connections.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Mekhet clan

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