The Lygos are a Nosferatu bloodline with a debilitating weakness against bright lights.

The exact origin of the bloodline is uncertain, but according to one story, the first Lygos were trapped in a desecrated church in Ethiopia and buried in torpor. Centuries later, the church was unearthed by Asenath, a Mekhet sorceress and possibly a childe of Longinus himself. When she awoke the Nosferatu from torpor, they fell on her in a ravenous swarm and collectively diablerized her, internalizing a form of the Mekhet clan curse.

Lygos are not merely comfortable in the darkness: light is physically disorienting to them. Their perception of light is synaesthetic, so a bright light may also be experienced as a piercing noise or unpleasant crawling of the skin. By contrast, they worship the darkness itself as a divine figure, faceless and formless, with the ability to literally swallow both enemies and offerings. This drives the Lygos even further to the fringes of vampiric society than most Nosferatu, though in areas where they are particularly common they may elect one of their number to serve as a contact with the local court.

References Edit

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