A Lycian is a sentient chimera with a mundane counterpart.


Lycian chimeras are born from objects permeated with enough glamour from mortal dreams. This grants them conciousness and mobility. Usually the process is natural, but some fae crafters may accidentally create one. A Lycian's personality is shaped by the kind of object it was created from- a teddy bear Lycian would be sweet and good with children, while a hot rod Lycian would always love things to be in motion. They are a relatively new occurence, and no Lycian is more than 20 years old yet.


A Lycian has three different shapes it can appear as. A shape is the physical form that a Lycian takes.

  • Humanoid: Roughly human-like in appearance. Their shape makes it easier for the mists to cover their actions
  • Animal: Shaped like a mundane animal. Their shape allows them to touch nightmare without being consumed by it.
  • Mythic: Look like a mythical creature. They find glamour slightly easier to find than others.


A Lycian's guise is similar to the kiths of the fae, and correlate with the object that gave the Lycian life.

  • Bucolic: Naturally occuring objects (trees, stones, ect.)
  • Maieutic: Ideas (true love, socialism, ect.)
  • Oppidan: Man-made objects (toys, cars, ect.)
  • Quixotic: Abstract objects (video games, memories, ect.)
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