White Wolf Wiki

Lupus is one of the five forms a Garou can shift into that fully resemble wolves and have the full range of wolves' characteristics and abilities, as well as their own intelligence and Gifts. Other Fera have their own equivalents of this form, though only the Garou call their animal form by this name.


Lupus is the primary, naturally born form of Garou of the Lupus breed. To all appearances a Garou in this form appears to be a large normal wolf, the Lupus form enjoys sharp senses, great speed and endurance, and the ability to slip through the wilderness more or less unseen. Some Garou (especially among the Bone Gnawer tribe) appear more dog-like than wolf-like in this form — a trait other werewolves despise, although it comes in handy when blending in with man’s world.

In game terms, a Lupus-form Garou can bite for Aggravated damage, but inflicts only lethal damage with his claws. Lupus-breed werewolves inflict only lethal damage with either attack in this shape, and cannot employ their mystic healing powers in Lupus form. The Garou's senses are greatly enhanced, and the wolf-form can run at twice the character’s normal human speed.

Although it can speak a garbled form of the Garou tongue, this form communicates almost totally through body language and typical wolf vocalizations. The werewolf’s tribal identity might seem obvious in the wolf’s facial features, posture, and fur; all other decorations, however, disappear unless they’ve been strapped, pierced, or tattooed on the wolf itself.