Lupo Giovanni is one of the lynchpins in the plans of Clan Giovanni for Africa. He lives in Mombasa and owns the Oceanview Hotel, a haven for vampires who travel through the hostile African wilderness.


Originally from Italy, a mortal Lupo came to Kenya in 1907, opening his hotel to give European travelers a "Home away from Home". The slogan was quite effective; president Roosevelt and Churchill have visited the hotel, and many European hunters came through it on their travels.

During the economic crisis in the 1930s, Lupo requested aid from the family and the family sent Franscesco to Embrace the young man into the Clan and split ownership of the hotel five ways, an equal share going to each of five investors, including Francesco and Lupo.

Lupo oversees every aspect of the business, from approving the menu to picking out curtains to checking the books. With the money the family gave him, he contracted a complete renovation of the hotel and built an attached casino. He will not tolerate disobedience or theft from his employees or his guests, nor may any Kindred break the Traditions in his hotel.

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