Lukas was the abbot of the Drowned Monastery, a depraved cult during the Dark Ages.

During his life, Lukas was the son of a peasant and admired for his beauty. He used this for the sake of seduction and mocking those who had a worse fate than him, until he made the mistake to mock his future sire, who had disguised himself as a leper. Enraged, the Nosferatu drained him of his blood and embraced him, in a similar manner to modern cleopatras. Lukas despaired and went down dark paths to restore his beauty, eventually turning to Infernalism and adopting the Road of the Devil. Eventually, one of the infernal patrons returned his beauty to him, in exchange for corrupting one hundred souls within one hundred yards in one hundred years.

Disguising himself as a choir boy, Lukas was able to infiltrate a monastery near the lake of Tötten in order to achieve the demands of his patron. He ghouled the prior Heinrich and turned the monastery into a bastion of debauchery and sin, until a flood ravaged the building. Unknown to most, Lukas cult had survived and continued to exist, even spreading further as the deadline of the infernal contract runned out and Lukas still hadn't corrupted one hundred souls.

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