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Lugoj, the Blood-Breaker, was a famous Cainite who led the Tzimisce branch of the Anarch Revolt along with Vykos and Velya during the 15th century.


Lugoj was one of the Tzimisce who attended the ritual which used Kupala's Sacred Fire-Flower to break the blood bonds of his brethren. He became notorious for the diablerie of Byelobog the White, and later for leading the attack against the haven of the Tzimisce Antediluvian himself in 1413.

It is unclear how long Lugoj had been subdued, but at the end of the confrontation in the Sernog Monastery he layed impaled on a massive wooden hook while hidden from his fellows through a powerful invisibility spell. The Tzimisce Antediluvian then fleshcrafted into a facsimile of Lugoj and proceeded to fake his own diablerie, successfully fooling the Anarchs into thinking that he was actually dead and that the real Lugoj had prevailed.

The ancient went to torpor after he took over the identity of Lugoj and later resurfaced in a new form in the Final Nights.[1]