Dr. Lucrezia della Passaglia is a researcher who works at the university of Rome. In February 2003, she was working on an archaeological dig on the site of Tarquinia. She became "chummy" with Gawain Alexander when he joined the dig. She, along with her colleague Massimo Pallottino, stumbled over a tomb sealed by the Cult of Mercury. Despite della Passaglia'S concerns, Pallottino opened the tomb.

Despite her objections, Pallottino opened the tomb together with his assistant Sdoia. WHen Gawain Alexander and his apprentice Jezebel Lee came into investigate, they discovered that the tomb held an ancient Etrurian Liche.


The della Passaglia family is a branch of the Giovanni Clan. Lucrezia appeared to be alive (she ate and drank normal food with the rest of the team), although it is unknown if she was knew about her family's connections to the supernatural.

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