Lucretia Giovanni is a childe of Ambrogino Giovanni and among his most useful and loyal allies.


As the great-great-granddaughter of Claudius Giovanni, Lucretia was born in the alpine regions between Italy and Switzerland. Lucretia was tormented by whispering voices from early on and confined into an asylum, where she was nonetheless sought out for the Embrace by many of the Giovanni undead family members, although Claudius drove them all away.

By the time Claudius fell from grace in the eyes of his father, the clan's patriarch Augustus Giovanni, Lucretia had poisoned her own parents in revenge for locking her away. As Claudius' star was falling, Ambrogino's was rising, and when Augustus offered a boon to the latter, he requested the right to take Claudius' intended childe as his own.

On her 21st birthday, she was finally given the Embrace by Ambrogino Giovanni, and quickly developed a bond with her sire. She became a staunch ally in Ambrogino's esoteric quests, aiding him in his search for various occult documents, like the Anexhexeton and the Sargon Fragment. However, she also suffers under an imminent death wish that drives her to take terrible risks in order to fulfill her desires.


"Lucretia" seems to be a quite popular name among the family, as several other clan members bear the name. There is an 11th generation Giovanni active in Chicago by the name of Dr. Oliver Genet who was Embraced by another vampire named Lucretia Giovanni. Additionally, Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia introduces the character of Andreas Giovanni, an 8th generation vampire Embraced by Lucretia Giovanni Capriccio in 1754.

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