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Luclin is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


A Harsh Mistress
She has suffered a civil war among her favored race: the Akheva. She granted a home to those who fled Norrath and the vengeance of other gods: the shissar. She accepted those who fled their own civil war on Norrath and sought a new home in the heavens: the Combine Exodus. And she indulged the explosive arrival of those torn from the face of Norrath when the Underfoot and Paineel clashed: those kerrans known as the Vah Shir.
Yet the goddess Luclin remains undaunted and her namesake moon unconquered.
An Entire Moon to Explore
All the great cities, every corner of the vast wilderness and wastelands, populated or pristine, and every known cave and dungeon of the moon Luclin is now at your disposal. Presented for the first time is all the lore and chronology of this moon, from the Akhevan civil war through the first Norrathian incursion and on to the present one, which has brought new generations of adventurers and explorers.
Can these new heroes penetrate the airless region known as the Grey, where the shissar empire still thrives? Can they survive the Ring of Fire, where captives battle for the amusement of the evil grimlings? Or, most frightful of all, are they so valiant they might risk the terrible wrath of Luclin herself, plundering ancient treasures in the crumbling Akhevan city of Vex Thal?

Chapter One: History of Luclin

Chapter Two: Cities of Luclin

Chapter Three: The Surface of Luclin

Chapter Four: Ruins and Caverns=

Chapter Five: Magic of Luclin

Chapter Six: Factions of Luclin

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