Lucius Cornelius Scipio was a Brujah Promethean active during the Dark Ages.


Lucius Cornelius Scipio was born and Embraced in ancient Rome, but was raised by his sire with stories of Carthage that brought him over to the cause of the Prometheans and the Road of Humanity. He used to reside in Ravenna before fleeing during upheavals together with his lover Penelope, a Cappadocian. Together, the pair reached Hamburg, where Scipio hoped to have found a place where he could rebuild the ancient city Carthage of his clan. To this end, he put his support behind the Hanseatic League and secular forces. He clashed with the Malkavian Midian in his endeavors, who supported clerical institutions. When Midian proclaimed himself Prince, he soon found himself under the influence of Scipio and Penelope, who guided his steps from the shadows.

Scipios work attracted other attention. Julia Antasia contacted him and showed that their ideals were quite compatible. In the meantime, Midian's insanity began to sprout bizarre outgrows. diablerizing the courtiers of other domains, he had retreated into his haven to hold court over an imaginated domain with the souls of his victims. Scipio maintained Midian as prince to have a scapegoat in the case that his project would fail, while using the network of the Hanseatic League to attract more and more Prometheans to the city.


The Cornelii Scipiones were an ancient branch of the noble Cornelii family of Rome that produced numerous outstanding statesmen. Every male member of the family had to assume the name Cornelius Scipio to signify their allegiance to the Cornelius gens. Lucius is a common surname, so there were multiple persons bearing the name Lucius Cornelius Scipio. It is not known if the Brujah was one of those.


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