Lucinde's Revenge is a Combination Discipline between Dominate level 4 and Fortitude level 4.


For centuries, Lucinde's Revenge was known only to the Ventrue. Recently, a new iteration of this power has become widely taught among the Alastors per the wishes of Justicar and Red Alastor, Lucinde, who wants those hunting the Red List prepared to resist the manipulative tactics and Disciplines the Anathema use, one in particular. This power protects against Presence, keeping that discipline's more subtle effects at bay.


Lucinde's Revenge protects against all Presence-based effects on Generation in a similar way that Dominate functions. Only a Kindred of lower Generation than the user of Revenge can affect that Kindred with Presence. Thus a Ninth Generation Kindred would be unaffected by a Twelfth Generation Kindred attempting to use Dread Gaze on her.

It costs 25 experience points to learn this power.


An older, less potent version of this combo was called Denial of Aphrodite's Favor.


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