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Luciferans are one of the Factions in Demon: The Fallen. Fallen who are Luciferans actively seek out Lucifer, the lost leader of the Rebellion, so that he may once again lead them in their cause. They are considered the most militant of the Factions.

The Houses whose Fallen are most likely to be Luciferans are the Namaru and to a lesser extent the Rabisu. The Halaku have very few Luciferans among their ranks.

The faction is led jointly by the Rabisu Grifiel and the Asharu Nazriel, who styles herself "Nazathor, the Princess of Majestic Liberation", and is rumored to have been Lucifer's lover once.


Chief of the Luciferan goals is, of course, finding and restoring their leader Lucifer to power. To achieve this, they have established many secondary goals, including building up a power base, gathering information, and pulling in recruits from other Factions.

Perhaps their most difficult goal is figuring out who they are supposed to fight. Without armies of Elohim to fight and no other clear enemy, the Luciferans have turned to battling the Earthbound, other Factions, and even humans.

A few Luciferans have also found one fragment of the Earthbound Melech's soul and are using it to find other pieces of it so that they can resurrect him, hoping to create something not fallen or Earthbound, but perhaps in-between that can be used as a powerful weapon.


The Luciferans are divided into three Legions, a reminder of the old Legions Lucifer created. However, none of these new legions have gained anything near the power or glory the Legions of old once held.

  • The Legion of Majestic Liberation serves as the investigators of the Luciferans, seeking out information on both Lucifer and about the other Factions.
  • The Legion of Glorius Victory is the actual army of the Luciferans; however, with no common enemy to fight, they are the least organized and powerful of the Legions.
  • The Legion of Stark Defiance, lead by Lady Azacachia, is the smallest and least prestigious branch of the Luciferans. But, as they tend to be most practical of the three, they are also the most powerful in modern times. They help support the other branches, and serve as the bureaucrats that keeps the entire Faction running.


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