Lucifer's Shadow: Tales of Fallen Angels is a fiction anthology for Demon: The Fallen

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Fallen Angels Walk the Earth
At the dawn of creation, Lucifer ignited the fires of rebellion. A third of the heavenly host rallied by his side, believing his cause was just. The fallen defied the armies of Heaven for a thousand years, never questioning their leader's resolve; even in defeat, they chose to suffer the fate of their prince rather than recant and betray their convictions. They went into the abyss with their heads unbowed, but when the gates of Hell clanged shut, Lucifer the Morningstar was not among the damned.
Now, after an eternity, the gates of Hell are broken and the angels of the abyss walk the Earth once more, in the stolen bodies of hopeless humans. Some seek redemption, others revenge. Most of all they seek the fate of the angel that led them into darkness.
In the so-called City of Angels, a terrible earthquake sparks three days and nights of rioting, and tales of the end of the world. The devil himself walks the burning streets of Los Angeles. Answering the clarion call, demons congregate in the modern Babylon, searching for answers and for blood.


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