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Luciano "Luc" Camparelli is one of the vory (leaders) of the Camparelli-Zukhov Megasyndicate, which rose to prominence in the power vaccuum created by Team Tomorrow's purge of organized crime in 2001.

Camparelli was born a third-generation mafioso; his father and grandfather were both involved in the “family business”. Luciano's father died of a stroke when Luc was in his late 20s, and he took over the business at a comparatively young age. That may have been one of the things that made Camparelli such a progressive leader and gave him the insight to seize the opportunity Project Utopia gave him when they brought down the New York families. Certainly, none of the older Mafia dons expected Camparelli to move against them. It was a serious risk, but it paid off — in spades.

Within a year, Camparelli was in control of what was left of the Mafia in the Americas and much of Europe. He was on top of his game, but he wasn’t willing to take on Alexi Zukhov’s syndicate in Russia. Instead, he proposed an alliance to Zukhov, turning his greatest potential enemy into his strongest ally and ensuring the success of the new Megasyndicate.

Since then, Camparelli’s guided the growth of the syndicate, although he still keeps a careful eye on
Zukhov. Even after 15 years, Camparelli doesn’t trust the Russian one bit.

Luciano Camparelli has been married to his wife Angela for over 20 years, and they have two children. His son Joseph is a student at Harvard University, while his daughter Julianna attends a private Catholic high school for girls. When Julianna suffered from a brain tumor as a young girl, Camparelli enlisted the services of Dr. James R. Bernhardt, who erupted in the operating room to save Julianna's life and his own. Camparelli's most trusted confidant is his bodyguard, Hugo Pinnela.