Lucas is an Unseelie Eshu Wilder originally from the Kingdom of Pacifica.

Overview Edit

In the story "Rebirth," we meet Lucas after he has apparently been intimate with Baron Aubergin during the Samhain revels at Aubergin's freehold in the Kingdom of Apples. He arrived after the exile of Darkain. He admits that he admired Darkain's entrance into the freehold.

In the morning after Samhain, he decides to stay in Apples. He wishes Aubergin a fruitful journey from Darkain. Though Aubergin had expected him to depart, as his kith isn't known for staying in one place long, the eshu informs him that nothing is the same after Samhain.

When Aubergin remarks that he can remember nothing of his conversation with his brother, Lucas suggests putting rosemary under his pillow that night... for remembrance. At this, Aubergin says that if he is to stay, he should have a job in the freehold and asks the eshu to be one of his councilors, as he seems to have good counsel. Lucas says he'd be willing to serve but that Aubergin's other counsellors may not take having a commoner among them well. To fix that, Aubergin uncharacteristically decides to knight him. The two spend the rest of the morning walking old trails in the wind of the coming winter.

It is heavily implied in the end of the story that Lucas is working for Darkain to tend the seed the Unseelie sidhe planted in Aubergin's soul, presumably to get the baron to come around to the Unseelie way of thinking. He may or may not be a part of the Shadow Court.

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Lucas is willowy and dusky-skinned. He has at least enough familiarity with the Wayfare Art to use the cantrip Flicker Flash.

References Edit

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