Lu-Bat, the Incarna of Saturn.


Overview Edit

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As TotemEdit

Lu-Bat has been known to serve as a totem of Wisdom if properly approached, although he often refuses such requests. He prefers that Garou find their own way and make their own decisions, and will only act as a pack's patron if convinced that the pack will not use him as a crutch.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 10


Lu-Bat grants an understanding of riddles and the hearts of others, his children make all Enigmas, Empathy and Occult rolls at -2 difficulty. The Peaceful Counselor also grants each of his children an additional point of Perception and two points of temporary Wisdom.


Children of Lu-Bat are not allowed to act hastily; his packs must always have a backup plan for every major endeavor they attempt.


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