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Low Clan refers to a set of vampire clans from Dark Ages: Vampire that were considered inferior to the High Clans for one reason or another. None of the members of these clans were any less powerful or influential in some cases, but many reflected the fears and prejudices of the time.

The Low Clans were:

  • Assamite - infamous Diablerists, the Assamites are as feared as they are shunned.
  • Followers of Set - Blasphemers who reflect their serpentine nature in word and deed.
  • Gangrel - Pagan barbarians who care little for the civilized world.
  • Malkavian - Madness is frightening to ordinary mortals . Give it to a vampire and watch the nightmares begin.
  • Nosferatu - Foul looking creatures of faith. Considered good for information and not much else.
  • Ravnos - Reflecting their Gypsy counterparts, the Ravnos are loathed as much as they are.
  • Tremere - Usurpers and traitors. They may not even be real vampires.
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