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The Lovers were a pair of vampires embraced by Caine according to a few Toreador scholars. The lovers committed suicide together before the embrace of Enoch, Irad and Zillah.


According to scholar Katherine of Montpellier, long ago there were two perfect lovers devoted to each other. Caine believed that giving that love as a gift to eternity could mitigate the cruel deeds he had done in the past. But the two despaired when they discovered they could never give birth to children of their own.

The pair had hoped one night to combine their flesh as in the spirit, making a new soul that held the best of each of them - instead they were doomed to suffer in eternity as two beings, never joined in soul through offspring. Rather than accept that fate, they walked into the sun.

Caine was so overcome with grief that he forbade their names to ever be spoken. He swore that he would never embrace again. Nonetheless his grief so sharpened his loneliness that he gave the false life to Zillah, Irad and Enoch before even one human generation had grown old into death.


The Lover might be related to the myth of the King and Queen of Enoch.