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Love Beyond Death is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion that covers romance and relationships in Wraith games.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Better to Have Loved and Lost...
The fiery passion of love denied form knows no bounds, and for those who choose to risk the pain for loss for the chance for a tender caress, life-in-death is endlessly bittersweet pain. In such a bleak and hopeless existence, the promise of love is one of the only beacons of hope in the face of Oblivion.
Than to Have Never Loved at All!
Love Beyond Death is part of a new series on the art and craft of Storytelling. This exceptional new guide for experienced and first-time Storytellers alike demonstrates how to infuse your chronicle with the romance of Death.

Chapter One: Introduction to Gothic Romance

The introduction briefly describes the nature of romance, how it can be applied to wraiths, and how it fits into a gothic-punk world.

Chapter Two: Love and the Game

The second chapter begins with an overview of the boundaries one should be aware of when incorporating romance into a game. Also covered are tips to heighten the mood, such as lighting and music, how to handle troublesome players and tricky situations that may arise, the role sex can play in a game, and finally, coverage of what game mechanics may come into play.

Chapter Three: Beyond Death...

Covered here is a broader look at romance and how it can be worked into a chronicle as a whole, whether it be the central theme or a subplot. A number of themes and story suggestions are presented.

Chapter Four: The Price of Love

The Price of Love is an adventure about Jessica Wyndham, a Doppelganger who has a plan that she believes will let her once again be with the man she loves to the point of obsession.

Chapter Five: Object of Affection

Object of Affection is a short adventure detailing the struggle between two female wraiths for the forged remains of a man they once loved, and the lengths that they will go to retrieve this precious item.

Chapter Six: Forever Yours

Forever Yours is another brief adventure, this one centered around Stephen Ward, a psychiatrist who has built a machine capable of transforming anyone who dies on it into a wraith.

Chapter Seven: A Final Farewell

The final adventure of the book, in A Final Farewell a Heretic known as Gabriel hunts for the woman he loves, unknowingly becoming the pawn of a powerful wraith.

Appendix: The Hope Chest

The appendix contains several artifacts that tie into the theme of romance in some form, and a few legendary wraiths.

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Memorable Quotes

"Where ever you go after you die, it can't be too bad, 'cause Mom comes back sometimes, and I can tell that she still loves me."



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