Louis Drapeau was a French Gangrel antitribu, and the Ductus of Sabbat coven known as Les Acadiens during the 16th and 17th centuries.


When the explorer Jacques Cartier reached the Mount Royale of modern-day Canada, the vampire Louis Drapeau was among his crew. He was a scout representing the interests of various Sabbat covens, and his journey proved to be successful.

Drapeau prepared the island of Ville-Marie for the coming of his Cainite sibilings, knowing that the elitist French Toreador would never leave their ostentatious havens, let alone consider making the transatlantic voyage - as such, the lands that would become known as Montreal stood ready to be claimed by the Sabbat.

Unbeknownst to Drapeau, an infernalist called Terrence DeBouville also came along Cartier's vessel The Emerillon, but he pursued the interests of his master Metathiax, one of the 36 demons in the order Decani. Indeed, Terrence was Metathiax's host body in the mortal world, and responsible for consecrating the ground atop the island's mountain. The native Hochelaga Hurons fought valiantly against the spirit of the demon - they lost. But as plagues wiped out the village Hochelaga, the native's final sacrifice trapped the demon on the island.

Without a reliable source of sustenance, the remainder of the century proved difficult to the French Sabbat, as they had to move slowly if they were to make their escape from the continent undetected. They needed a cover for their mass exodus, and the opportunity did not present itself until Samuel de Champlain departed for the New World. When they arrived, however, no longer feeling the weight of the Camarilla Traditions upon them, these Sabbat acted on their predatory whims. They stole into native villages, skinned adults and fed on children.

It didn't take long for the Iroquois to retaliate in significant numbers. The attack frightened the Sabbat because it happened during the day while they slept. In the aftermath of the native's attack, five of the Sabbat left the colony of Ville-Marie to stage a counterattack that would hopefully prevent the Iroquois from approaching the colony again. It was a mistake, for their quarry was prepared and the vampires were outnumbered and brutally slaughtered. Almost all of the Les Acadiens pack members were dragged down and torn limb from limb, including their leader Louis Drapeau.


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