Lost Kindred is an expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, the first released by Black Chantry Productions. The 41-card set focuses on five rare bloodlines: the Samedi, Gargoyles, Blood Brothers, Harbingers of Skulls and Salubri antitribu. These were previously featured (among others) in the 2001 Bloodlines expansion.


A: Acheron Vortex; Achilles Heel; Agi; Alvusia; Angelique
B: Blade of Bellona; Blessed Blade; Blessings of the Loa; Blood Buff
C: Camaraderie; Castiel; Chalcedony; Children of Stone
D: Disciple of Lazarus; Dorka
E: Emerald Legionnaire; Erebus; Erlik
F: none
G: Gabi
H: Handsome Dan; Hecate
I: Inevitability of the Void
J: Jean Lisle
K: Kurshid
L: Lailah
M: Mambo Jeanne; Marie-Pierre; Michaela
N: Necrosis; Nuriel
O: none
P: Porphyry
Q: none
R: Relentless Reaper; Righteous Aura
S: Mr. Schwartz; Sheela Na Gig
T: Their Master's Voice
U: Unleash the Hounds
V: Vengeful Spirit; Verbruch; Viri
W: none
X: none
Y: none
Z: Zizi


Mick Bertilorenzi, Carmen Cornet, Riccardo Fabiani, André Freitas, Alejandro F. Giraldo, Noah Hirka, Noora Hirvonen, Mark Kelly, Gábor Németh, Ginés Quiñonero, Javier Santos, Jared Smith, Jarkko Suvela

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