Lorna Barnes is a Seelie Nocker Wilder and wannabe Bard in the Tuath of Iron in Caledonia.

Overview Edit

Lorna Barnes

Lorna always wanted to create music, whether through song or instruments. The problem is that she is hopelessly tone-deaf. As a child her teachers made her be silent in the choir, only mouthing the words while the others sang. She could't even pass the entry test for children's orchestra. But she still loved music and spent all her money on CDs and additions to her sound system. When her faerie nature awakened in her late teens, she found a new lease on her dream.

Lorna now lives out her fantasy by making music machines: harps, recorders, harpsichords, psaltries, accordions, and, of late, highly complex clockwork synthesizers. She still can't sing but she's happier now that other can appreciate her musical talent. She fervently hopes for a position with the Bardic College or in a Noble's court.

Personal Edit

Lorna never misses the chance to hear a performance or meet a musician. She stands in awe of anyone who creates melody from the instruments she makes and fawns over them accordingly.

Image Edit

Lorna appears younger than her 22 years and she is relatively cheerful for a nocker. In mortal seeming she has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a light build. In her fae mien, her eyes are a dark garnet and she generally wears her spiky hair in two pigtails. She prefers to wear thick sweaters and long tartan skirts, even while working. She looks like a wayward schoolgirl with her white skin and pink cheeks.

References Edit

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