Lorenzo Golo was a medieval alchemist who laid the foundation for the Sons of Ether Tradition.

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Golo uncovered a manuscript called the Kitab al-Alacir, an Arabic translation of a Greek philosophical text. The Kitab extensively discussed the fifth element, ether, and its functions. Pursuing these insights, in 1171 Golo joined the Order of Hermes and founded his own house, House Golo, first as part of House Ex Miscellanea and later as a full-fledged House in its own right. Later, he encountered Gabrielite Simon de Laurent, who had discovered an original Greek version of the Kitab while fighting in the Crusades. The two began to work together to understand the text's scientific and philosophical insights, and in 1188 Golo abandoned the Order of Hermes to found the Natural Philosophers' Guild with de Laurent.

Golo was killed in an accident involving an experimental airship in 1195, and as de Laurent had been excommunicated a few years prior, the Guild collapsed. Many of its members eventually reorganized in the early Order of Reason, however, and it is from them that the Sons of Ether trace their roots.

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