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Loom of Fate is a story for Mage: The Ascension. It expands on the "All Hallow's Eve" scenario from Mage: The Ascension Rulebook. It was later included in the Mage Chronicles Volume 3 compendium.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Free Will or Fate?
The future of San Francisco hangs by a thread, the thread of Cob, weaver of the Pattern Web. One scared, gifted girl holds the key to the city. The Technocracy wants her alive, the Marauders want her dead, and the role of mages who befriend her may be foretold by cards in the hands of destiny.
Loom of Fate is story for Mage: The Ascension, and includes:
  • Details about San Francisco, a city torn between Pattern and Wyld.
  • A unique storytelling format.
  • A glimpse of fate and free will in the World of Darkness.


Introduction: Once and Future ThingsEdit

Chapter One: All Hallow's EveEdit

Chapter Two: Discerning a PatternEdit

Chapter Three: Tangled WebsEdit

Chapter Four: Prometheus UnboundEdit

Appendix I: Supporting CharactersEdit

Appendix II: Fortune-TellingEdit

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