LongNight mark
Organization Name: The Long Night
Other names: The Tribulation Militia
Type: Second-tier compact
Founder: Unknown
Founded: 1970's
Endowment: The Prayer

The Long Night is a compact of hunters composed of a loosely-gathered group of faithful Christians who believe the world is in the midst of the Tribulation, and they fight the creatures of darkness as part of God's holy army.


While the modern Long Night can only be traced back to the 1970's and has no founding records, its members do not seem to mind its lack of history or pedigree much.


Members of the Long Night believe that Armageddon has already come to the world. Before the Rapture can claim the holiest and truest of Christians, the world must be purged of evil. This battle is known as the Tribulation, and by fighting it and beating back the unholy forces, the members of the Long Night will prove that the world is worthy of Christ's redemption and He will return in a Second Coming to come for the holy.

A scarce few members believe that the Rapture, on the other hand, has already happened. They fight the Tribulation for personal redemption and to vanquish the wicked.


The Long Night essentially has no organization, acting almost exclusively on a local level. Most members have no clue how many members exist, and many would be surprised to hear it was a worldwide entity. Any devout Christian from fundamental to liberal believers may join so long as they agree with the organization's philosophies.

If possible, the essentially human, such as mages, are captured instead of killed. They are offered a chance to repent; those who take that offer are watched closely, and at the first sign they have returned to their old ways are executed without a second chance. The rest are killed without a second thought, as they are too wicked to be redeemed.

Long Night members can roughly be divided into three types. The Hopeless believe that they are beyond redemption, and can only save others from the darkness. The Faithful work in the name of God, serving as His holy army. Finally, the Merciful want to save as many as they can, even the supernatural, and try to purify the wicked instead of destroying them.


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