Logi's Ashes are a Level 5 Treasure of the Redcaps

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Lost in the popular imagery of redcaps as renders and devourers is the deeper truth: redcaps are hunger personified. A potent reminder of this ancient lineage, though, is a treasure known as Logi's Ashes. Only a few previous handfuls of the Ashes remain and they are guarded fiercely.

Logi's Ashes, at first glance, look like regular fireplace ashes. A closer look, however, reveals that they're still uncomfortably warm and that the highlights of flame still dance within them. Wise redcaps keep their Ashes in thick leather or even more durable pouches and are extremely sparing when using them. They have to be, after all: the merest pinch is enough to have the desired effect and there are no more to be had.

The rest of the Changeling world is quite thankful for that as well. Even a tiny sprinkle of Logi's Ashes has an egregious effect. Once some of them are scattered, all the food and drink in the vicinity becomes as dust in the mouth of those who would partake. The effect spreads like wildfire and generally extends for miles. Entire duchies have been laid to waste as any food brought in for up to a year and a day withers as well. As a result of creative uses of this treasure, freeholds have been abandoned, forts left desolate, and some of the proudest castles left to the birds and beasts.

Even the wildest and most vicious redcap is very, very careful about turning the Ashes loose. On more than one occasion the party responsible for the catastrophe has been apprehended and then abandoned, bound, in the center of the desolation they have caused. As the hunger of the Ashes is a palpable thing, this is a fate far worse than death for any redcap.

Ingesting a pinch of Logi's Ashes causes the victim to feel the same hunger that recaps labor under for a month.

References[edit | edit source]

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