The Lodge of Harbingers is a lodge under the tribe of the Bone Shadows.[1]

Overview Edit

This lodge is one of the smallest of the lodges of all tribes.

The Harbingers specializes in prophecies and mythical clues that have immediate repercussions for the physical world. They give this information to other Uratha, so that they can investigate the issue.

The Harbingers doesn't talk a much amongst themselves. They share as much information as possible and then go their separate ways.

Members of this lodge talks of their allegiance openly if asked, but doesn't talk about it without cause.

Game Mechanics Edit

The following are an overview of the game mechanics.

Prerequisities Edit

  • Cunning or Wisdom: 1 dot or higher
  • Athletics: 2 dots or higher
  • Stealth: 2 dots or higher

Membership Edit

  • Only members of the Bone Shadows can petition for a membership
  • Special intervention can give others the opportunity, but this has only happened a few times during the course of history.

Benefits Edit

  • Stealth Gifts can be learned as tribal Gifts
  • +3 modifier to persuasion rolls in attempts to deal peaceably with other Forsaken

Reference List Edit

  1. Werewolf: the Forsaken p. 202-203
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