A lodge is a subdivision of a werewolf tribe, with specific beliefs and goals shared among its members.

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A lodge share a larger goal in common with the parent tribe, but have specific beliefs that may not be shared by all members. An analogy is a tribe as Christianity, while each lodge represents a specific Christian sect such as Catholicism, Baptism, Anglicans, and the like.

Additionally, some few lodges cross tribal boundaries, analogous to how Christianity, originally an offshoot of Judaism, transcended to become a separate religion.

But no matter what kind of lodge a tribe member becomes part of, it doesn't sway his loyality towards his tribe. But some Uratha does choose to keep her membership of a certain lodge a secret, rather than set themselves apart from their tribe mates.

A member can only be a member of one lodge at a time and it is considered very dishonorable, if a member quits one lodge only to become member of another.[1]

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There are other groups among the tribes, the Pure, and among the unaffiliated, Some working in secret and some open in their actions.

These however are not the only lodges in the World of Darkness. Some lodges are no bigger than the members of a single pack, where the lodges earlier in this section are a lot larger.

Reference List Edit

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