The Loch Lads are a group of Pooka in the Highlands of Scotland who perpetuate the story of the Loch Ness Monster.

Overview Edit

These pooka pranksters of legend are the Loch Ness monster (the real one was removed by the Verbena decades ago). They meet irregularly to plan ever-more intricate ways to fool tourists and delight children. At each meeting, they propose a contest to see whose idea they will work on next. These contests include wrestling, watermelon seed spitting (when in season), spin the boggan (when in season) and fart lighting.

Members Edit

Lord Bubastis, a puffin pooka, is the current head of the Lads, having won the title in a wrestling match. Jeremy, a salmon pooka, and Colin, an otter pooka, also make up the group.

References Edit

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