Lloyd Morgenstern is a Dauntain Nocker Grump formerly of House Dougal who lives in the Principality of Glamorgan in Cymru.

Overview Edit

Lloyd Morgenstern

In his youth in the 1980s, Lloyd worked to improve working conditions for miners; a few nobles of House Dougal even paid honor to him for his deeds. As time passed, though, and nothing got better, he grew tired of the battle and in a fit of Unseelie madness decided to join the enemy, becoming Dauntain. Lloyd used his influence with the mine owners to shut down a number of mines and scorched dozens of Kithain with is growing Banality. Through trickery and shrewd investments, he became a rich man in the 1990s. Now he uses that money and knowledge of Cymru to destroy the Fae and all the Glamour they have. He is extremely dangerous and, in his own, evil way, very clever. He will stop at nothing to inflict his dark vision of Wales on the fae and their allies.

He is unaware of the supernatural nature of the Technocracy's activities in Cardiff. He has met Sir Mortimer Evans and a few members of the New World Order. If directly approached by them or a company like Pentex, he would gladly sign up and plot a takeover.

Personal Edit

Lloyd is a real bastard with no emotions or love for anything but his own twisted visions. No plea of mercy ever touches his ears and he's gladly slay his own child if it meant getting rid of the Kithain and their pansy ways. The time of magic and Glamour is gone and his purpose in life is to make sure it stays that way.

He has a powerful army of nasty chimera he calls the Stone Men. To fae eyes the creatures are grey, drab, animated golems. They serve as Dauntain spies and will occasionally attack any Kithain they come across.

Image Edit

Lloyd is a slender man with dark hair that is just beginning to grey. Though he seems large and imposing, he stands well under six feet tall. He make up for any lack of height with his imposing attitude. He is cold, calculating, and merciless in everything he does.

References Edit

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