The weeping woman, the banshee. Humans have given them many names over countless centuries and across every continent, but in Bellatierra, it is always La Llorona.


They are said to appear at times of great grief, drawn inexorably to the suffering of others. Despite the angry words of mourners, these fae are not the cause of death nor even an agent of it, but a kith that feeds on the despair that only comes from the deepest loss. In their way, they have a symbiotic relationship with mortal mourners as they draw away their grief into themselves and grant the mortal a measure of relief from such an all-consuming feeling. In some communities, llorona are revered and a place is always set for them at funeral proceedings. Despite their name, they can be of any gender.

It is considered impolite to ask personal questions of a llorona, as they’re believed to be unable to lie. In truth they can indeed lie, it just rarely occurs to them to do so. As connected to the threads of fate as they are, lying seems silly to the llorona; after all, everything is possible, yet every path ever conceived will end the same way. If they volunteer information, it is most assuredly the truth, although others may find it unhelpful or callous. A people of endless patience, they rarely move quickly without good reason. It is far better to position yourself in the perfect spot and wait than to dash about and miss the moment. The tapestry of life and death spreads itself out before them; if only they could reach out and grasp the threads, they could wrestle some measure of control over the fates themselves.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Aged before their time, all llorona carry themselves with wisdom far beyond their apparent years. Premature wrinkles, greying hair, grating voices: these are common amongst their kind. Their eyes forever retain the spark of power burning deep within their depths, a knowing beyond any mortal ken. After reaching maturity, llorona look at least a decade older than their human age would suggest, although they age gracefully. They wear their hair long regardless of gender, often worn swept high atop the head. A llorona’s eyes appear a blind white, pupils and iris melding into sclera, though their vision is normal. The flesh of their face seems no more than skin stretched tight over bone, granting them a skeletal visage.

Llorona replenish their energies by attending funerals, joining memorial services, and haunting support groups for the grieving. They also wander cemeteries, collecting keepsakes left at the graves. When the llorona use Unleashing, time seems to drag to a halt, then explode with possibilities. Shadowy images flicker everywhere, carrying out multiple different probabilities. Mirrors show faces that might have been, or are yet to be, while the scent of old tombs and freshly turned grave earth fills the air.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Affinity: Actor
  • Ties That Bind: Their burden is to bear witness and, when they can, shoulder some of the pain that Death leaves in its wake. This close bond to death makes their connection to the living ever more important. Llorona may touch another and spend 1 Glamour to take their emotional pain, rage, or sorrow into themselves, restoring 1 Willpower to the target as well as easing their emotional state. Being tied to death also means that llorona also instinctively sense when ghosts are nearby, and may spend 1 Glamour to see and speak with the Restless for a scene.
  • Foreseen is Forewarned: Once per chapter, the llorona can spend 1 Glamour to reroll any roll, but the new result must stand even if it’s worse. They may use this on a roll by another character in their line of sight, but using it on a hostile or unwilling target requires succeeding at a Willpower roll (difficulty of the target’s Willpower rating).


  • Inevitable Truths: While the common belief that llorona are incapable of lying is incorrect, it is true that this fatalistic kith often can’t be bothered to even attempt telling falsehoods. All llorona suffer the Bard’s Tongue Flaw (Changeling p.187) In addition, the llorona must succeed at a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to avoid giving a totally honest assessment when asked for an opinion. They are not compelled to speak, but if they do, it is difficult to hold back what they see as the truth. This makes it hard for them to use white lies and other “socially acceptable” fabrications, which is part of what gives this kith their well-deserved reputation for bluntness. However, curiously this Frailty does not apply when speaking with mortal children, or anyone they used their Ties that Bind Birthright on during that scene.


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