A live-action roleplaying game (also live-action roleplaying, or LARP) is a roleplaying game in which the players physically act out (most of) their characters' actions, rather than describing them as they do in a traditional tabletop roleplaying game. LARP typically involves a far greater degree of physical preparation than tabletop games in the form of costuming, props, and set design, although none of these elements are strictly mandatory for most LARPs.

White Wolf has been at the forefront of LARPing since 1993, when Vampire: The Masquerade was adapted to the live-action format in The Masquerade (later Laws of the Night), the first Mind's Eye Theatre live-action game. Many of the standards set by MET remain in use to this day by other unrelated LARP systems and players, particularly those that share its origin in tabletop roleplaying.

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