The Listener is a Level 2 Treasure of the Sluagh.

Overview Edit

Foul but useful, the Listener is a tool in the never-ending crawler quest to gather more and more information. Probably a creation of some forgotten Unseelie genius, this treasure appears to be a human ear, raggedly severed from the head that once held it. This tattered flesh, however, is more than just some protoplasmic leftover; it serves as anchor, foot, and suction cup all at once for the ear itself.

Indeed, the Listener moves by itself, ensconcing itself wherever it can hear the most. It shuffles along like a particularly disgusting snail when the need to move arises. Walls, ceilings, and vents pose no obstacle to its movement, though it can only go at a walking pace.

System Edit

The owner of the Listener must spend a point of Willpower to attune it, but after that they can simply concentrate (Perception + Kenning, difficulty 7) and hear with perfect clarity whatever is being said in the place currently housing the ear.

To break a previous attunement (because the Listener goes through owners the way redcaps go through cheeseburgers (some say there is a curse involved)), the sluagh must spend a Willpower point and make a contested Willpower roll against the item's current owner. If the attempt succeeds, the previous owner will know instantly that their control is gone and will act accordingly.

References Edit

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