This page will eventually contain a chronological list of every product White Wolf has released.

Vampire: The Masquerade (1991)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Vampire: The Masquerade 1991 WW2000 0-9627790-6-7 No
Vampire: The Masquerade, 2nd Ed. 1992 WW2002 1-56504-029-5 No
VTM: Awakening: Diablerie Mexico Bullet-pdf 1992 WW2005 1-56504-018-X No
The Hunters Hunted 1992 WW2205 1-56504-020-1 No
VTM: Bloody Hearts: Diablerie Britain Bullet-pdf 1993 WW2010 1-56504-074-0 No
VTM: Clanbook: Gangrel Bullet-pdf 1993 WW2052 1-56504-046-5 No
Book of the Damned 1993 WW5001 1-56504-068-6 No
VTM: Ghouls: Fatal Addiction Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW02021 1-56504-230-1 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Hong Kong Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW2009 1-56504-222-0 No
Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition 1998 WW2300 1-56504-249-2 No
VTM: Vampire Storytellers Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW2301 1-56504-259-9 No
Guide to the Camarilla 1999 WW02302 1-56504-261-1 No
Guide to the Sabbat 1999 WW02303 1-56504-263-8 No
VTM: Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW2106 1-56504-248-6 No
Vampire Storytellers Handbook Revised 2000 WW2304 1-56504-264-6 No
VTM: Clanbook: Malkavian Revised Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW2353 1-56504-268-9 No
VTM: Clanbook: Assamite Revised Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW2359 1-56504-256-5 No
VTM: Gilded Cage (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2420 1-58846-216-1 No
VTM: Sins of the Blood Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2421 1-58846-217-X No
VTM: The Red Sign Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW2431 1-58846-245-5 No
VTM: Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW2441 1-58846-239-0 No
Gehenna (book) 2004 WW02999 1-58846-246-3 No

World of Darkness (1992)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs 1995 WW3065 1-56504-312-X No
Midnight Circus 1996 WW3068 1-56504-317-0 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Combat Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW3206 1-56504-316-2 No
World of Darkness: Gypsies 1997 WW2223 1-56504-136-4 No
WOD: The Bygone Bestiary Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW4802 1-56504-491-6 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW3350 1-56504-354-5 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Mafia Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW2228 1-58846-266-9 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Time of Judgment Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW5399 1-58846-475-X No

Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1992)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Werewolf: The Apocalypse 1992 WW3000 1-56504-027-9 No
Werewolf Storyteller's Screen 1992 WW3001 1-56504-035-X No
Rite of Passage 1992 WW3002 1-56504-037-8 No
Rage Across New York 1992 WW3100 1-56504-040-6 No
Ways of the Wolf 1993 WW3050 1-56504-044-9 No
Valkenburg Foundation 1993 WW3101 1-56504-047-3 No
Under a Blood Red Moon 1993 WW3102 1-56504-049-X No
WTA: Dark Alliance: Vancouver Bullet-pdf 1993 WW3103 1-56504-059-7 No
Rage Across the Amazon 1993 WW3104 1-56504-061-9 No
Rage Across Russia 1993 WW3105 1-56504-077-5 No
Book of the Wyrm 1993 WW3200 1-56504-041-4 No
Caerns: Places of Power 1993 WW3201 1-56504-066-X No
Werewolf Players Guide 1993 WW3202 1-56504-057-0 No
Umbra: The Velvet Shadow 1993 WW3204 1-56504-076-7 No
Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2nd Ed. 1994 WW3600 1-56504-112-7 No
Monkeywrench! Pentex 1994 WW3203 1-56504-060-0 No
Rage Across Australia 1994 WW3106 1-56504-127-5 No
Werewolf Storytellers Handbook 1994 WW3205 1-56504-131-3 No
Werewolf Storytellers Screen Second Edition 1994 WW3601 1-56504-113-5 No
Who's Who Among Werewolves: Garou Saga 1994 WW3401 1-56504-140-2 No
Black Furies Tribebook 1994 WW3051 1-56504-093-7 No
Bone Gnawers Tribebook 1994 WW3052 1-56504 094-5 No
Children of Gaia Tribebook 1994 WW3053 1-56504-141-0 No
WTA: Project Twilight Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1995 WW3064 1-56504-310-3 No
Werewolf Chronicles Volume 1 1997 WW3207 1-56504-321-9 No
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East 1998 WW3063 1-56504-338-3 No
Rage Across the Heavens 1999 WW3110 1-56504-309-X No
WTA: Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW3801 1-56504-365-0 No
Freak Legion: A Players Guide to Fomori [1] 2000 WW3066 1-56504-350-2 No

Mage: The Ascension (1993)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Mage: The Ascension 1993 WW4000 1-56504-065-1 No
MTAs: The Book of Madness Bullet-pdf 1994 WW4251 1-56504-137-2 No
Mage: The Ascension Second Edition 1995 WW4300 1-56504-400-2 No
MTAs: Guide to the Technocracy Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW4014 1-56504-400-2 No
MTAs: Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW4600 1-56504-455-X No
MTAs: Guide to the Traditions Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW4603 1-56504-400-2 No
MTAs: The Book of Madness Revised Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW4602 1-56504-442-8 No

Wraith: The Oblivion (1994)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Wraith: The Oblivion 1994 WW6000 1-56504-133-X No
Wraith Storyteller's Kit 1994 WW6002 1-56504-168-2 No
WTO: Love Beyond Death Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1994 WW6004 1-56504-611-0 No
The Face of Death 1994 WW6005 1-56504-122-4 No
Haunts 1994 WW6060 1-56504-610-2 No
Wraith Players Kit 1994 WW6100 1-56504-132-1 No
Midnight Express 1994 WW6101 1-56504-156-9 No
WTO: Necropolis: Atlanta Bullet-pdf 1994 WW6200 1-56504-164-X No
The Sea of Shadows 1995 WW6006 1-56504-612-9 No
Wraith Players Guide 1995 WW6007 1-56504-601-3 No
WTO: The Quick & the Dead Bullet-pdf 1995 WW6008 1-56504-613-7 No
The Hierarchy 1995 WW6009 1-56504-614-5 No
WTO: Guildbook: Artificers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1995 WW6300 1-56504-661-7 No
WTO: Guildbook: Sandmen Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1995 WW6301 1-56504-662-5 No
WTO: Dark Kingdom of Jade (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1995 WW6010 1-56504-615-3 No
Guildbook: Masquers 1995 WW6011 1-56504-604-8 No
WTO: Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures Bullet-pdf 1995 WW6012 1-56504-617-X No
WTO: Dark Reflections: Spectres Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip [2] 1995 WW6902 1-56504-650-1 No
The Risen 1996 WW6302 1-56504-663-3 No
WTO: Wraith: The Oblivion Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1996 WW6600 1-56504-600-5 No
WTO: Buried Secrets Bullet-pdf 1996 WW6601 1-56504-603-X No
WTO: Shadow Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW6013 1-56504-602-1 No
WTO: Mediums: Speakers with the Dead Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW6102 1-56504-619-6 No
WTO: Guildbook: Haunters Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW6303 1-56504-604-8 No
Guildbook: Pardoners and Puppeteers 1997 WW6304 1-56504-665-X No
WTO: Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip [3] 1997 WW6903 1-56504-651-X No
WTO: Guildbook: Spooks and Oracles Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW6305 1-56504-666-8 No
WTO: Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW6064 1-56504-635-8 No
Renegades 1998 WW6065 1-56504-636-6 No
WTO: The Book of Legions Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW6063 1-56504-652-8 No
WOD: World of Darkness: Tokyo Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW6103 1-56504-633-1 No
WTGW: Wraith: The Great War Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW6800 1-56504-634-X No
WTO: Ends of Empire Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW6014 1-56504-618-8 No

Changeling: The Dreaming (1995)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Changeling: The Dreaming 1995 WW7000 1-56504-700-1 No
CTD: Book of Storyteller Secrets (CTD) Bullet-pdf 1995 WW7001 1-56504-702-8 No
CTD: Immortal Eyes: The Toybox Bullet-pdf 1995 WW7200 1-56504-703-6 No
CTD: Freeholds & Hidden Glens Bullet-pdf 1995 WW7002 1-56504-706-0 No
Nobles: The Shining Host 1995 WW7006 1-56504-711-7 No
Changeling Players Kit 1995 WW7003 1-56504-704-4 No
CTD: The Autumn People Bullet-pdf 1995 WW7004 1-56504-709-5 No
CTD: Changeling Players Guide Bullet-pdf 1996 WW7100 1-56504-701-X No
CTD: Kithbook: Trolls Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1996 WW7050 1-56504-725-7 No
CTD: Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill Bullet-pdf 1996 WW7201 1-56504-705-2 No
CTD: Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings Bullet-pdf 1996 WW7202 1-56504-713-3 No
CTD: Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1997 WW7300 1-56504-716-8 No
CTD: Book of Lost Dreams Bullet-pdf 1997 WW07302 1-56504-717-6 No
CTD: Land of Eight Million Dreams Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW7308 1-56504-722-2 No
CTD: The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW7010 1-56504-715-X No

Vampire: The Dark Ages (1996)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Vampire: The Dark Ages (1st edition) 1996 WW2800 1-56504-275-1 No
Book of Storyteller Secrets 1996 WW2802 1-56504-277-8 No
VTDA: Constantinople by Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1996 WW2803 1-56504-278-6 No
VTDA: Dark Ages Companion Bullet-pdf 1997 WW2804 1-56504-279-4 No
VTDA: Clanbook: Cappadocian Bullet-pdf 1997 WW2805 1-56504-280-8 No
Transylvania by Night 1997 WW2808 1-56504-287-5 No
VTDA: Clanbook: Baali Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip [4] 1998 WW2817 1-56504-213-1 No
Cainite Heresy [5] 1999 WW2819 1-56504-296-4 No
VTDA: Jerusalem by Night Bullet-pdf 1999 WW2821 1-56504-299-9 No
VTDA: Clanbook: Salubri Bullet-pdf 1999 WW2822 1-56504-212-3 No
Fountains of Bright Crimson 1999 WW2825 1-56504-270-0 No
VTDA: The Ashen Knight Bullet-pdf 2000 WW2826 1-56504-241-7 No
VTDA: The Ashen Thief Bullet-pdf 2000 WW2827 1-56504-236-0 No
Wind From the East 2000 WW2828 1-56504-271-9 No
VTDA: House of Tremere Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW2829 1-56504-272-7 No
VTDA: Veil of Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2832 1-56504-206-4 No
VTDA: Iberia by Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2834 1-56504-212-9 No

Werewolf: The Wild West (1997)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Werewolf: The Wild West 1997 WW3700 1-56504-340-5 No
Frontier Secrets 1997 WW3701 1-56504-341-3 No
Ghost Towns 1998 WW3703 1-56504-343-X No
WTWW: The Wild West Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW3704 1-56504-344-8 No

Kindred of the East (1998)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Kindred of the East 1998 WW2900 1-56504-232-8 No
KOTE: Kindred of the East Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1998 WW2901 1-56504-223-9 No
The Thousand Hells 1999 WW2902 1-56504-226-3 No
Shadow War 1999 WW2903 1-56504-227-1 No
KOTE: Dharma Book: Devil-Tigers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW2904 1-56504-239-5 No
Half-Damned: Dhampyr 2000 WW2920 1-56504-247-6 No
KOTE: Dharma Book: Bone Flowers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW2905 1-56504-240-9 No
Killing Streets 2001 WW2930 1-58846-208-0 No
KOTE: Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2907 1-58846-211-0 No
KOTE: Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW2906 1-58846-200-5 No
San Francisco by Night 2002 WW2921 1-58846-231-5 No
Heresies of the Way 2002 WW2922 1-58846-232-3 No
KOTE: Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW2908 1-58846-221-8 No

Hunter: The Reckoning (1999)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Hunter: The Reckoning 1999 WW8100 1-56504-735-4 No
HTR: Hunter Storytellers Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW8101 1-56504-736-2 No
HTR: Hunter Survival Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 1999 WW8102 1-56504-737-0 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Avenger Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8103 1-56504-739-7 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Defender Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8104 1-56504-740-0 No
Hunter: The Walking Dead 2000 WW8105 1-56504-741-9 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Innocent Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8106 1-56504-742-7 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Judge Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8107 1-56504-743-5 No
HTR: Hunter Apocrypha Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8108 1-56504-744-3 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Martyr Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8109 1-56504-745-1 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Redeemer Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2000 WW8110 1-56504-746-X No
HTR: Hunter Book: Visionary Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW8111 1-56504-747-8 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Hermit Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2001 WW8112 1-56504-748-6 No
HTR: Hunter Book: Wayward Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip [6] 2002 WW8113 1-58846-703-1 No
Hunter Player's Guide 2001 WW8120 1-58846-700-7 No
Hunter Storyteller's Handbook 2001 WW8121 1-58846-701-5 No
Hunter: Holy War 2001 WW8130 1-58846-702-3 No
Hunter: First Contact 2002 WW8131 1-58846-704-X No
Hunter: The Nocturnal 2002 WW8132 1-58846-705-8 No
Hunter: Utopia 2002 WW8133 1-58846-706-6 No
Hunter: The Moonstruck 2002 WW8134 1-58846-707-4 No
Hunter: Fall From Grace 2002 WW8135 1-58846-708-2 No
Hunter: The Spellbound 2003 WW8136 1-58846-709-0 No
Hunter: The Infernal 2003 WW8137 1-58846-710-4 No
Hunter: Urban Legends 2003 WW8138 1-58846-711-2 No

Dark Ages (2002)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
DAV: Dark Ages: Vampire Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW20000 1-58846-276-5 No
Dark Ages: Mage 2002 WW20002 1-56504-625-0 No
DAV: Dark Ages Storyteller Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW20003 1-58846-278-1 No
Dark Ages: Inquisitor 2002 WW20004 1-58846-282-X No
DAV: Road of the Beast (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW20030 1-58846-280-3 No
DAV: Road of Kings (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW20031 1-58846-281-1 No
Dark Ages: Werewolf 2003 WW20005 1-58846-284-6 No
Players Guide to Low Clans 2003 WW20006 1-58846-287-0 No
Players Guide to High Clans 2003 WW20007 1-58846-289-7 No
DAV: Road of Heaven (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW20032 1-58846-285-4 No
DAV: Road of Sin (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW20033 1-58846-288-9 No
DAV: Right of Princes Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW20045 1-58846-283-8 No
DAF: Dark Ages: Fae Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW20008 1-58846-292-7 No

Victorian Age: Vampire (2002)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
VAV: Victorian Age: Vampire Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW2470 1-58846-299-3 No
London by Night 2002 WW2471 1-58846-230-7 No
VAV: Victorian Age: Vampire Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW2472 1-58846-238-2 No

Demon: The Fallen (2002)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Demon: The Fallen 2002 WW8200 1-58846-750-3 No
DTF: Demon Storytellers Companion Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2002 WW8201 1-58846-751-1 No
DTF: Demon Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8202 1-58846-756-2 No
DTF: Houses of the Fallen Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8203 1-58846-760-0 No
DTF: City of Angels Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8211 1-58846-752-X No
DTF: Saviors and Destroyers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8220 1-58846-754-6 No
DTF: Damned and Deceived Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8221 1-58846-758-9 No
DTF: Fear to Tread Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8270 1-58846-753-8 No
DTF: Demon: Earthbound Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8280 1-58846-761-9 No
DTF: Demon: Days of Fire Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW8281 1-58846-762-7 No

Orpheus (2003)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
Orpheus 2003 WW21000 1-58846-600-00 Yes
Orpheus: Crusade of Ashes Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW21001 1-58846-601-9 Yes
Orpheus: Shades of Gray Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW21010 1-58846-602-7 Yes
Orpheus: Shadow Games Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2003 WW21011 1-58846-603-5 Yes
The Orphan-Grinders 2004 WW21012 1-58846-604-3 Yes
End Game 2004 WW21015 1-58846-605-1 Yes

Chronicles of Darkness (2004)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
CofD: World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW55000 1-58846-476-8 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Ghost Stories Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW55400 1-58846-483-0 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Antagonists Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW55301 1-58846-478-4 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Mysterious Places Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW55302 1-58846-485-7 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Chicago Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW55200 1-58846-479-2 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Armory Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW55102 1-58846-486-5 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Second Sight Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW55100 1-58846-546-2 Yes
CofD: Shadows of the UK Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW30202 1-58846-334-6 Yes
CofD: Skinchangers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW30305 1-58846-335-4 Yes
CofD: Tales from the 13th Precinct Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW55001 1-58846-480-6 Yes
CofD: Shadows of Mexico Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25201 1-58846-264-1 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Urban Legends Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW55303 978-1-58846-489-7 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Book of Spirits Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW55202 978-1-58846-490-3 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Asylum Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW55204 978-1-58846-491-0 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Reliquary Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW55203 978-1-58846-492-7 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Changing Breeds Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW55103 978-1-58846-493-4 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Midnight Roads Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55205 978-1-58846-712-6 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Innocents Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55004 978-1-58846-713-3 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Dogs of War Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55206 978-1-58846-714-0 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Inferno Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55207 978-1-58846-356-2 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Slasher Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55555 978-1-58846-744-7 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Armory Reloaded Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55208 978-1-58846-362-3 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Immortals Bullet-pdf 2009 WW55002 978-1-58846-368-5 No
CofD: Proverbial Monsters Bullet-pdf 2009 No
CofD: World of Darkness: Book of the Dead Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW50501 978-1-58846-382-1 Yes
CofD: Dudes of Legend: How to Be Fucking Awesome Bullet-pdf 2010 WWoRLY? 0-6666-696-0 No
CofD: World of Darkness: Mirrors Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2010 WW55210 1-58846-383-4 Yes
CofD: World of Darkness: Mirrors - Bleeding Edge Bullet-pdf 2011 WW55210-1 No
CofD: World of Darkness: Mirrors - Infinite Macabre Bullet-pdf 2011 WW55210-2 No
CofD: Nightmare on Hill Manor Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW55211 1-58846-393-1 Yes
CofD: The Harvesters Compilation Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW55020 1-58846-536-5 Yes
CofD: Glimpses of the Unknown Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW55107 Yes
CofD: The God-Machine Chronicle Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 WoD001 237-0-00488-954-2 Yes

Vampire: The Requiem (2004)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW25000 1-58846-247-1 Yes
VTR: Coteries (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2004 WW25100 1-58846-251-X Yes
VTR: Nomads (book) Bullet-pdf 2004 WW25101 1-58846-252-8 No
VTR: Bloodlines: The Hidden Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25102 1-58846-255-2 Yes
VTR: Lancea Sanctum (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25001 1-58846-249-8 Yes
VTR: Ghouls (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25110 1-58846-256-0 Yes
VTR: City of the Damned: New Orleans Bullet-pdf 2005 WW25200 1-58846-248-X No
VTR: Ordo Dracul (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25120 1-58846-257-9 Yes
VTR: VII (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25301 1-58846-285-7 Yes
VTR: Invictus (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW25121 1-58846-259-5 Yes
VTR: Bloodlines: The Legendary Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25103 1-58846-260-9 Yes
VTR: Requiem Chronicler's Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25302 1-58846-261-7 Yes
VTR: Carthians (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25303 1-58846-262-5 Yes
VTR: Mythologies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25304 1-58846-265-X Yes
VTR: Circle of the Crone (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW25305 1-58846-263-3 Yes
VTR: Vampire: The Requiem for Dummies 2006 978-0-470-03745-4 Yes
VTR: Belial's Brood (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW25111 1-58846-266-8 Yes
VTR: The Blood Bullet-pdf 2007 WW25002 1-58846-268-8 No
VTR: Bloodlines: The Chosen Bullet-pdf 2007 WW25104 1-58846-269-5 No
VTR: Damnation City Bullet-pdf 2007 WW25306 1-58846-267-1 No
RFR: Requiem for Rome Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW25140 1-58846-270-1 Yes
RFR: Fall of the Camarilla Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW25307 1-58846-271-1 Yes
VTR: Lords Over the Damned: Ventrue Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW25112 1-58846-273-2 Yes
VTR: Kiss of the Succubus: Daeva Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW25115 1-58846-352-4 Yes
VTR: Savage and Macabre: Gangrel Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW25116 1-58846-353-2 Yes
VTR: Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW25113 1-58846-274-9 Yes
VTR: New Wave Requiem Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW25113 1-58846-274-9 Yes
VTR: Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners Bullet-pdf 2009 WW25308 1-58846-449-0 No
VTR: The Beast That Haunts the Blood: Nosferatu Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW25114 1-58846-351-6 Yes
VTR: Ancient Mysteries Bullet-pdf 2009 WW25311 1-58846-357-5 No
VTR: Ancient Bloodlines Bullet-pdf 2009 WW25312 1-58846-364-8 No
VTR: Night Horrors: Wicked Dead Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW 25313 978-1-58846-374-6 Yes
VTR: Invite Only Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2010 WW 25315 978-1-58846-392-3 Yes
VTR: Vampire Translation Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2010 WW 25603 Yes
VTR: The Danse Macabre (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW 25604 Yes
VTR: Strange, Dead Love Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 Yes
VTR: The Resurrectionists Collection Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 WW25033 Yes
VTR: Blood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 Yes
VTR: Reap the Whirlwind Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
VTR: Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 VtR001 237-0-00511-449-9 Yes
VTR: Secrets of the Covenants Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2016 Yes
VTR: A Thousand Years of Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2017 Yes
VTR: Half Damned Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2017 Yes
VTR: Guide to the Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2018 Yes

Werewolf: The Forsaken (2005)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
WTF: Werewolf: The Forsaken Rulebook Bullet-pdf 2005 WW30000 1-58846-324-9 No
WTF: Hunting Ground: The Rockies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW30200 1-58846-325-7 Yes
WTF: Predators Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW30300 1-58846-326-5 Yes
WTF: Lore of the Forsaken Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW30100 1-58846-327-3 Yes
WTF: Blood of the Wolf Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW30301 1-58846-329-X Yes
WTF: Lodges: The Faithful Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW30101 1-58846-332-X Yes
WTF: Blasphemies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW30303 1-58846-332-X Yes
WTF: Territories Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW30304 1-58846-333-8 Yes
WTF: Lodges: The Splintered Bullet-pdf 2006 WW30102 1-58846-337-0 No
WTF: The Pure Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW30110 1-58846-336-2 Yes
WTF: The Rage: Forsaken Player's Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW30001 1-58846-338-9 Yes
WTF: The War Against the Pure Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW30306 1-58846-339-5 Yes
WTF: Tribes of the Moon (book) Bullet-pdf 2008 WW30103 1-58846-742-3 No
WTF: Night Horrors: Wolfsbane Bullet-pdf 2009 WW30105 No
WTF: Signs of the Moon Bullet-pdf 2010 WW30106 978-1-58846-375-3 No
WTF: Forsaken Chronicler's Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW55108 Yes
WTF: Werewolf Translation Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 Yes
WTF: Werewolf: The Forsaken Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2015 Yes
WTF: The Pack Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2016 Yes
WTF: Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2019 Yes

Mage: The Awakening (2005)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
MTAw: Gazing Into You 2005 WW40900 1-58846-424-5 No
MTAw: Mage: The Awakening Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW40000 1-58846-418-0 Yes
MTAw: Boston Unveiled Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW40200 1-58846-419-9 Yes
MTAw: Sanctum and Sigil Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2005 WW40201 1-58846-420-2 Yes
MTAw: Legacies: The Sublime Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40100 1-58846-425-3 Yes
MTAw: Guardians of the Veil (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40305 1-58846-426-1 Yes
MTAw: Tome of the Watchtowers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40301 1-58846-427-X Yes
MTAw: Secrets of the Ruined Temple Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40310 1-58846-422-9 Yes
MTAw: Reign of the Exarchs Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40306 1-58846-428-8 Yes
MTAw: Tome of the Mysteries Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW40302 1-58846-429-6 Yes
MTAw: Legacies: The Ancient Bullet-pdf 2007 WW40101 1-58846-430-X No
MTAw: Intruders: Encounters With the Abyss Bullet-pdf 2007 WW40307 1-58846-431-8 No
MTAw: The Free Council Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW40308 1-58846-432-3 Yes
MTAw: Magical Traditions Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW40309 1-58846-433-0 Yes
MTAw: The Mysterium Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW40102 1-58846-434-7 Yes
MTAw: Astral Realms Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW40202 1-58846-435-4 Yes
MTAw: The Adamantine Arrow (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW40103 1-58846-436-1 Yes
MTAw: Banishers (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW40104 1-58846-440-7 Yes
MTAw: Grimoire of Grimoires Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW40203 1-58846-437-8 Yes
MTAw: The Silver Ladder Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW40105 1-58846-438-5 Yes
MTAw: Keys to the Supernal Tarot Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW40312 1-58846-439-2 Yes
MTAw: Seers of the Throne (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW40321 1-58846-358-6 Yes
MTAw: Summoners Bullet-pdf 2009 WW40322 1-58846-365-6 No
MTAw: Night Horrors: The Unbidden Bullet-pdf 2010 WW40324 978-1-58846-378-4 No
MTAw: Mage Chronicler's Guide Bullet-pdf 2010 WW40325 978-1-58846-386-9 No
MTAw: Mage Noir Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW55106 Yes
MTAw: Imperial Mysteries Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 WW40010 Yes
MTAw: Left-Hand Path Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 Yes
MTAw: Mage Translation Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes

Promethean: The Created (2006)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
PTC: Promethean: The Created Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW60000 1-58846-606-X Yes
PTC: Pandora's Book Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW60300 1-58846-488-1 Yes
PTC: Strange Alchemies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2006 WW60100 1-58846-607-8 Yes
PTC: Magnum Opus (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW60101 1-58846-608-2 Yes
PTC: Saturnine Night (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW60301 978-1-58846-609 Yes
PTC: Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2016 Yes

Changeling: The Lost (2007)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
CTL: Changeling: The Lost Quickstart Bullet-pdf 2007 WW70900 No
CTL: Changeling: The Lost Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW70000 1-58846-527-6 Yes
CTL: Autumn Nightmares Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW70300 1-58846-531-3 Yes
CTL: Winter Masques Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2007 WW70200 1-58846-532-0 Yes
CTL: Rites of Spring Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW70201 1-58846-246-0 Yes
CTL: Lords of Summer Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW70202 1-58846-715-7 Yes
CTL: Equinox Road Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW70203 1-58846-717-1 Yes
CTL: Night Horrors: Grim Fears Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW70205 1-58846-743-0 Yes
CTL: Dancers in the Dusk Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW70207 1-58846-361-6 Yes
CTL: Swords at Dawn Bullet-pdf 2009 WW70208 1-58846-370-2 No
CTL: Goblin Markets Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW70002 Yes
CTL: The Fear-Maker's Promise Compilation Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2011 WW70004 1-58846-464-4 Yes
CTL: Victorian Lost Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2012 WW70006 Yes
CTL: Changeling: The Lost Second Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2019 Yes

Hunter: The Vigil (2008)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
HTV: Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart — One Year Later Bullet-pdf 2008 WW-QS-2 No
HTV: Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart — The Hunt Bullet-pdf 2008 WW-QS-1 No
HTV: Hunter: The Vigil Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55550 1-58846-718-8 Yes
HTV: Witch Finders Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55554 1-58846-722-5 Yes
HTV: Block by Bloody Block Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2008 WW55588 Yes
HTV: Horror Recognition Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55560 1-58846-355-5 Yes
HTV: Night Stalkers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55556 1-58846-745-4 Yes
HTV: Spirit Slayers Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW55557 1-58846-746-1 Yes
HTV: Compacts & Conspiracies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2010 WW55566 1-58846-745-4 Yes
HTV: Mortal Remains Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 237-0-00588-266-5 Yes

Geist: The Sin-Eaters (2009)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
GTS: Geist: The Sin-Eaters Quickstart Bullet-pdf 2009 WW60508 978-1-58846-397-5 No
GTS: Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2009 WW60500 1-58846-377-7 Yes

Mummy: The Curse (2013)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
MTC: Mummy: The Curse Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
MTC: Mummy: The Curse Player's Book Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
MTC: Eve of Judgment Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
MTC: Guildhalls of the Deathless Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
MTC: Cursed Necropolis: D.C. Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 Yes
MTC: Book of the Deceived Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 Yes
MTC: Sothis Ascends Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2015 Yes
MTC: Cursed Necropolis: Rio Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2017 Yes

Demon: The Descent (2014)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
DTD: Demon: The Descent Quickstart Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2013 Yes
DTD: Demon: The Descent Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 Yes
DTD: Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 237-0-00614-217-1 Yes
DTD: Heirs to Hell Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 237-0-00610-101-7 Yes
DTD: Splintered City: Seattle Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 237-0-00620-328-5 Yes
DTD: The Demon Seed Collection Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2014 237-0-00620-331-5 Yes
DTD: Demon Translation Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2015 Yes
DTD: Demon Storyteller's Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2016 Yes
DTD: Night Horrors: Enemy Action Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2018 Yes

Beast: The Primordial (2016)Edit

Title Publishing Year White Wolf ID # ISBN Currently In Print?
BTP: Beast: The Primordial Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2016 Yes
BTP: Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2017 Yes
BTP: Beast Player's Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip 2018 Yes

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