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This is a list of all known Princes of the World of Darkness, sorted by city, including pertinent details such as their clan, generation, and the time period in which they are known to have ruled.

Note that some cities are given different princes by different sources. In particular, several early novels and a number of Jyhad/Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards introduce princes that are contradicted by later sources.


Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Alexandria, Egypt Marcellus (Dark Ages until mid-20th century) Toreador ?
Ionna (circa 1848-1950s) Toreador ?
Algiers, Algeria Zamra Matoub (1183 until the early 15th century) Lasombra 6th
Cairo, Egypt Antonius (973-1406) Ventrue 5th
Mukhtar Bey (since 1406) Caitiff 7th
Cape Town, South Africa
(Victorian Age)
Templeton ? ?
Carthage, Tunisia
(Punic Wars)
Himilcar the Pale (Monarch) Brujah ?
Fez, Morocco
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Usama ibn Jabar Brujah 8th
Marrakesh, Morocco
(Dark Ages)
Aratz Labarde (de facto Sultan) Malkavian 10th
Mogadishu, Somalia
(Dark Ages)
Farnaza (Na'ib) Assamite 7th
Mombasa, Kenya Mbogo Biashara (Kabaka, since 1961) Gangrel 6th
Sirte, Libya
Mirri al-Lam’a (until 2011) Lasombra 7th
Tripoli, Libya
(Dark Ages and present day)
Ahmed ibn Zayyat Assamite 7th

Tunis, Tunisia
(Dark Ages)

Lady Sophoniba (Sultan) Toreador 6th

Asia and the Middle East

Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Acre (Akko), Israel Etienne de Faubergé (nominal Prince from 1120-1213; actual Prince from 1213 to present) Ravnos (Bashirite) 7th
Aden, Yemen
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Shamit ibn Yasir Toreador 8th
Al-Khubar, Saudi Arabia Shaykhe Muhammad ? ?
Aleppo, Syria
Mamet (until the rise of Islam) ? ?
Varro (Dark Ages, one-third of the ruling triumvirate; other two members not named) ? ?
Antioch, Turkey
(Dark Ages)
Zarathustra (True Prince since before the time of Christ until the present day) Lasombra 5th
Zakariah (nominal Prince under Zarathustra) Assamite 8th
Baghdad, Iraq
(Dark Ages)
Caliph Abd al-Hadi ? ?
Elaheh Ventrue ?
Mritunjay Ravnos ?
Beirut, Lebanon
(Dark Ages)
Rafqa Brujah ?
Bombay, India
Colonel Reginald Avery (Victorian Age) Brujah ?
Karaikal (V20) Ravnos 6th
Calcutta, India Lord James Abernathie (until 1999) Ventrue ?
Chongqing, China Magistrate Murong Guozhi (1997 - present) Ventrue ?
Damascus, Syria
(Dark Ages)
Enimachia (until the rise of Islam) Toreador 5th
Sultan Darshuf (probably until 1201) Toreador 6th
Hong Kong, China Robert Pedder (Taipan from 1842-1997) Ventrue 7th
Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine Lucius Trebius Rufus (Dark Ages, since 1229) Ventrue 6th
Dr. Alexander Meuser Brujah ?
Macau, China
(Victorian Age)
Donatus Pessao Ventrue ?
Véronique d'Orléans Brujah 9th
Mangaluru, India
(Dark Ages)
Kiaan (in cooperation with Rodriel) Danava 7th
Rodriel (in cooperation with Kiaan) Salubri 6th
Nicaea, Turkey
(Dark Ages)
Anna Comnena (after 1204) Ventrue 7th
New Delhi, India
Chandraputra (Raja) Ravnos 4th
Petra, Jordan Talaq (until 1999) Mortal (former Assamite) ?
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Nidal (centuries ago) ? ?
Sultan Karim Assamite (Vizier) 8th
San'a', Yemen
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Abd al-Haqq Toreador 7th
Sinope, Turkey
(Dark Ages)
Ramzik Malkavian ?
Smyrna, Turkey
(Dark Ages)
Nicomedes Cappadocian ?
Tokyo, Japan Hakari ? ?
Trebizond, Turkey
(Dark Ages)
Anakletos Ventrue ?
Tyre, Lebanon
(Dark Ages)
Tanit (shadow ruler since circa 800 BCE; not technically Prince) Baali 5th
Nicolao (Prince under Tanith)


Ur (in Chaldea) Anis Brujah 4th Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy Book 1: Blood War


Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Adelaide Miranda (circa Victorian Age until 1999) Toreador 9th
Canberra Abram (since 1927) Ventrue 6th
Hobart, Tasmania Agaricus (since 1804) Malkavian ?
Melbourne Abram (until 1879) Ventrue ?
Montague Lytton (1879-1983)


Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor Brujah 7th
Perth Lumley (1829-late 1980s) Tremere ?
Sydney Abram (until 1879) Ventrue ?
Sarrasine (informally since 1879; formally since the early 20th century. May have been removed as of V5 [Confirmation Needed].) Follower of Set (posing as a Caitiff posing as a Toreador) 6th
Tasmania Fenton Gangrel 6th
Wollongong, New South Wales Wid Nosferatu ?


Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Aachen, Germany Cocceius (1400-1647?) Brujah 7th
Jonathan Vries van de Gheeven (in cooperation with Thomas) Nosferatu ?
Thomas (in cooperation with Jonathan Vries van de Gheeven) Gangrel 6th
Adrianople, Turkey
(Dark Ages)

Marcus Licinius

(Child of Zarathustra)

Lasombra 6th
Almeria, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Theoderic Neves Ventrue ?
Amsterdam, Netherlands Johannes Castelein (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Arjan Voorhies Ventrue 7th (if he is the Prince referenced in A World of Darkness p. 48)
Antwerp, Belgium L’Enfant Perdu (Dark Ages) Malkavian ?
Delphine Gaël (1832-2018) Toreador ?
Aquileia, Italy
(Dark Ages)
Titus Brutus Caesar Ventrue (lineage uncertain) ?
Athens, Greece

Dionysius (Dark Ages)

Cappadocian 5th
Peisistratos (Victorian Age) Malkavian ?
Avignon, France
(Dark Ages)
Ogier Founion (circa 1197) Ventrue ?
Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Tabitha al-Masri Assamite (Warrior) ?
Balgrad (Alba Iulia), Romania
(Dark Ages)
Dragomir Basarab (circa 12th-16th centuries) Tzimisce 7th
Bamberg, Germany
(Dark Ages)
Count Balthazar Lasombra ?
Barcelona, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Ramon Vera (until 1164) Lasombra (per Iberia by Night) or Ventrue (per other sources) 7th
Mireia Subira (circa 1164-1230) Lasombra (per Iberia by Night) or Ventrue (per other sources) 8th
Maria Del Torro (c. 2021) Lasombra ?
Basel, Switzerland Manfred von Schorr(17th century) Brujah ?
Bath, England
(Dark Ages)
Arcadius (Consul) Ventrue 6th
Belfast, Ireland
(Victorian Age)
Caitlin O'Shae (rules jointly with Milesius) Ventrue ?
Milesius (rules jointly with Caitlin O'Shae) Nosferatu ?
Bergen, Norway Almaric Trevelyan (Dark Ages, until 1204) Lasombra ?
Herman Radov (Dark Ages, since 1204) Ventrue 8th
Rosenkrantz the Younger Ventrue 7th (or 8th?)
Berlin, Germany Ilse Reinegger (1244 until ~1400s) Ventrue 5th

Gustav Breidenstein (Prince of Berlin until WWII; Prince of East Berlin from post-WWII to the late 1990s)

Ventrue 5th (Embraced at 6th)
Wilhelm Waldburg (Prince of West Berlin after WWII; Prince of all of Berlin since the late 1990s) Ventrue 6th
Kleist (possibly Peter Kleist) ? ?
Abraham Wolff 2005 - Malkavian ?

Bern, Switzerland
(Victorian Age)

Purissimma Geiss Ventrue ?
Béziers, France
(Dark Ages)
Eon de l'Etoile Ventrue ?
Birmingham, England Wallace
(Note: Wallace is only named as "Prince of Birmingham", which could instead refer to Birmingham, Alabama)

Jeremiah Casaubon





Bistritz (Bistria), Hungary
(Dark Ages)
Radu Bistri (Voivode until 1470) Tzimisce 7th
Bjarkarey, Norway
(Dark Ages)
Valborg Crooked-Eye Gangrel 8th
Bordeaux, France
(Dark Ages)
Gerard le Vieux (Baron) Toreador 8th
Brunswick (Braunschweig), Germany
(Dark Ages)
Norbert von Xanten Lasombra ?
Brussels, Belgium
Camille Duchesne (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Nikolaus Vermeulen Nosferatu 7th
Budapest, Hungary Vencel Rikard (Dark Ages to Victorian Age) Ventrue 7th
Laszlo Martonyi Ventrue ?
Cadiz, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Haroun Lasombra ?
Caernarvon, Wales
(Dark Ages)
Trowbridge ? ?
Cahors, France
(Dark Ages)
Bishop Ranulph Longsword Toreador 7th
Canterbury, England
(Dark Ages)
Bishop Cerdic (until 1012) Toreador ? Dark Ages Europe, p. 13
Archbishop Adrian Toreador 8th
Cardiff, Wales William Biltmore (1855-1890; "Prince of South Wales") Malkavian 6th
Ows ap Gwian (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Carlisle, England
(Dark Ages)
Nathaniel (Baron) Brujah 6th
Champtocé, France
(Dark Ages)
Roland ? ?
Chartres, Blois, France
(Dark Ages)
Queen Isouda de Blaise Toreador 7th
Chester, England

Marcus Verus (Baron, Dark Ages to Victorian Age)

Ventrue 5th
Christiania, Norway
(Victorian Age)
Agnethe Sannrste Ventrue ?
Coimbra, Portugal (Dark Ages) Guillermo/Guilherme Brujah 9th
Cologne, Germany Giselher Ventrue 7th
Lothar Kitzler (c. 21st century) ? ?
Compostela, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Reinaldo de Rubio
(also spelled Reynaldo de Rubio)
Lasombra 8th
Connacht, Ireland
(Dark Ages)
Rory of Kerry Ventrue ?
Copenhagen, Denmark Frederick (circa 1201) Ventrue ?
Fortinbras (Dark Ages, since 1224) Ventrue 8th
Rutor (time frame uncertain) Tremere 7th

Arminta Jorgensdatter (Victorian Age)

Ventrue ?
Belinde Buch (17th century - present) Nosferatu 7th
Cordoba, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Hilel al-Masari (since 711; also spelled Hilel al-Masaari) Assamite (Warrior) 6th
Corinth, Greece

Evarchus (during the Peloponnesian War)

Ventrue ?
Periander (Dark Ages) Brujah ?
Cork, Ireland Hector (Lord, during the Dark Ages) ? ?
Brigd ni Dhomniall Brujah ?
Cornwall, England
(Dark Ages)
Hugh (Baron) Ventrue ?
(Dark Ages)
Nehemiah True Brujah (believed to only be Brujah) 6th
Darmstadt, Germany Arn von der Rosenhöhe (until 1848) Ventrue 8th
Friedrich I (1848-1998) Ventrue 6th
Arn von der Rosenhöhe (1998-present) Ventrue 8th
Dax, France
(Dark Ages)
Clodauuiua (circa 1006) Lasombra ?
Deva, Romania Ansen (nominal prince, circa 1680 to late 19th century) Baali 9th
Dublin, Ireland
(Dark Ages)
Edward de Warene (Lord) Ventrue 7th
Durazzo, Albania
(Dark Ages)
Herleva (circa 1230) Brujah 8th
Düsseldorf, Germany Claudia Schoenecht Ventrue ?
Edinburgh, Scotland Robert Durand (Baron in the Dark Ages) Toreador 6th
Lady Besse Dancort (Victorian Age) Toreador ?
Angus (Victorian Age) ? ?

Roger de Camden (c. 2012-)

Hecata (Cappadocian) 5th
Essen, Germany Karl Weissmont Ventrue ?
Esztergom, Hungary
(Dark Ages)
Geza Arpad (also Archbishop) Ventrue 7th
Florence, Italy Alanus (until 1164) ? ?
Anicius the Golden (Rival Prince, 1164-1258; sole prince afterwards) Lasombra 8th
Panfilio the Cruel (Rival Prince, 1164-1258) Lasombra 8th
Frankfurt/Main, Germany Julia Antasia (de facto Prince circa 1230) Ventrue 5th

Vinzenz von Stalburg (1530-1600)

Ventrue 6th
Friedrich I (1600-1806) Ventrue 6th
Cecille (Inanna) (1806-1816) Toreador (Malkavian) 4th
Friedrich I (1816-1998) Ventrue 6th
Vinzenz von Stalburg (1998-present) Ventrue 6th
Geneva, Switzerland Guillaume (often said to be Prince of all Switzerland) Brujah 5th
Genoa , Italy Enrico Lasombra 6th
Girona, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Harpalion Cappadocian ?

Gloucester, England
(Dark Ages)

Seren (Baroness)

Malkavian 7th
Gotland, Sweden
(Dark Ages)
Erland Brujah 9th
Granada, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Badr Lasombra 8th
Gwynedd, Wales
(Dark Ages)

Rhodry ap Geraint ap Mithras (Baron)

Ventrue 6th
Hamburg, Germany
(Dark Ages)
Midian (since 1054) Malkavian ?
Julia Antasia (apparently erroneous reference; is actually Prince of Frankfurt) Ventrue 5th
Hanau, Germany Wolfgang Hobb (until 1848) Brujah 10th
Friedrich I (1848-1998) Ventrue 6th
Ulf vom Berg (1998-present) Ventrue 7th
Heidelberg, Germany Hannah Landtbeck Tremere 6th

Helsinki, Finland
(Victorian Age)

Tuomo-Markus Sampsa ? ?
Hermanstadt, Hungary
(Dark Ages)
Marusca (until the early 15th century) Nosferatu 8th
Otto (1450 until impersonated by Ruxandra) Ventrue ?
Ruxandra (while impersonating Otto, until exposed around the 16th century) Nosferatu 9th

Huelva, Spain
(Dark Ages)

Laila Lasombra ?
Istanbul, Turkey (modern)
Constantinople (Dark Ages)
Michael the Patriarch (326-1204) Toreador 4th
Antonius the Gaul (as part of the Triumvirate, 326-796) Ventrue 4th
The Dracon (as part of the Triumvirate, 326-888) Tzimisce 4th
Alfonso (also spelled Alfonzo; circa 1206-1274) Lasombra 7th

John Paleologus (also spelled Johann Paleologus)

Tzimisce ?
Mustafa Ventrue ?
Italica, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Aliyyah Cappadocian 8th
Jaen, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Mane Henriques (1085-1226) Toreador 8th
Jonkoping, Sweden Roos Malkavian ?
Kent, England Nicholas ? ?
(Dark Ages; possibly meant as a reference to Kirov, Russia, or to Kiev, below)
Jerek Slobodny Ventrue ?
Kiev, Ukraine
(Dark Ages)

Darvag Grozny (de facto Prince)

Tzimisce 6th (formerly 7th)
Klausenburg (Napoca), Hungary
(Dark Ages)
Mitru (until 1397) Gangrel 7th
Krakow, Poland
(Dark Ages)
Razkoljna Tzimisce 6th

Kybartai, Lithuania
(Dark Ages)

Geidas Tzimisce 7th
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Pieter Willem Oostenvaldt Ventrue ?
Lerida, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Anchel de Melgarejo Lasombra ?
Liechtenstein Guillaume (until 1999) Brujah 5th
Vera (since 1999) Brujah 6th
Lincoln, England
(Dark Ages)
Stephen (Baron) Ventrue 5th
Lisbon, Portugal Macario (Dark Ages) Brujah 8th
Eugenio Vicente de Olispio (Victorian Age) Toreador ?
London, England Mithras (Prince, 71-410; ruler of the Baronies of Avalon, 1085-1941) Ventrue 4th
Valerius (acting Prince-regent, 1798 to 1885) Ventrue 7th
Fagin/Rathe Haversham (self-professed "Prince of East End" during the Victorian Age) Nosferatu 9th
Lady Anne Bowesley ("Queen Anne"; active Prince since WWII, formally recognized since the mid-1990s) Ventrue 6th (8th when Embraced)
John Dee Tremere 5th
Lucena, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Rafiq ibn Haroun Lasombra ?


Corrie Tinbergen Brujah 7th
Lucena, Spain
(Dark Ages)

Rafiq ibn Haroun

Lasombra ?
Magdeburg, Germany
(Dark Ages)
Cedric (until 1188) Brujah ?
Jürgen (1188-1271) Ventrue 6th
Sister Lucretia von Hartz (name also spelled Lucretia von Hardtz and Lucretia von Harz; as "Brother Christof", acting Prince during 1232) Ventrue 9th
Malaga, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Bakr ibn Safwan al-Qushari ( during the early 10th century) Lasombra ?
Sultan Coman (since the end of the 12th century) Brujah ?
Malta Don Antonio Cardona (since the 15th century) Ventrue ?
Manchester, England
(Victorian Age)
Charles Shawlands (Baron) Ventrue 7th

Mannheim, Germany
(Victorian Age)

Silvia Lupina de Medici ? ?
Marseille, France Demetrius (circa 1st century BCE) Ventrue 5th
"Saint" Regis (Dark Ages) Toreador 8th
Bourdona Tremere 7th
Carna Tremere 8th
Mediasch, Hungary Nova Arpad (circa 1150-1190, and 1197 to mid-19th century) Ventrue 7th
Ruxandra (while impersonating Nova Arpad circa 1190-1197) Nosferatu 9th
Milan, Italy Giangaleazzo (until the Anarch Revolt, then again since 1997) Lasombra 7th
Munich, Germany Jann Berger (c. 1500-1632) Brujah ?
Felix Ritter (c. 1805-2007) Tremere ?
Ursula Eisenstadt (2007-present) Ventrue ?
Murcia, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Yasar al-Nahan (until 1172) Nosferatu ?
Omar al-Aziz (Sultan since 1172) Lasombra ?
Negroponte, Greece
(Dark Ages)
Tommaso Brexiano Lasombra 8th
New Lacadaemonia, Greece
(Dark Ages)
Hektor Brujah 7th
Niebla, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Abraham Lasombra ?
Nottingham, England
(Dark Ages)
Robin Leeland Brujah 7th
Norwich, England
(Dark Ages)
Michael (Baron until 1227; Barony vacant until at least 1230) ? ?
Deacon Aelfred Toreador 8th
Oradea, Romania
(Dark Ages)
Symeon (circa 1232 until the Anarch Revolt) Tzimisce 6th
Orleans, France
(Dark Ages)
Olderic (circa 1210) ? ?
Orvieto, Italy
(Dark Ages)
Marco (until 1194) Brujah ?
Gaius Orsini (consigliere) Nosferatu ?
Oviedo, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Marbuena Ventrue ?
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Jasmin of Palma (nominal Sultan of the Balearic Isles) Assamite (sorceress) ?
Pamplona, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Roque (since ~812) Malkavian 6th
Paris, France Alexander (until 1222 or 1223) Ventrue 4th
Countess Saviarre d'Auvergne (Queen and co-ruler with Alexander, early 11th century to 1222 or 1223) Ventrue 6th
Geoffroi du Temple (Geoffrey le Croisé) (since 1222 or 1223) Ventrue 5th
Matriarch Salianna (Dark Ages; Queen and co-ruler with Geoffrey) Toreador 5th
Beatrix (until 1789?) Toreador ?
  • World of Darkness: France
Francois Villon (putative "Prince of France"; since at least 1666 per Giovanni Chronicles II) Toreador 5th
Pau, France
(Dark Ages)
Henri Beaucaire (circa 1006) Ventrue 6th
Phillippopolis, Bulgaria
(Dark Ages)
George ? ?
Poitiers, Poitou, France
(Dark Ages)
King (or "Queen") Etienne Toreador 5th
Powys, Wales
(Dark Ages)
Dafydd ap Bindusarra Ventrue 7th
Prague, Czech Republic Rudolf Brandl (until 1199) Ventrue 8th
Josef Zvi (1199-1930s) Nosferatu 7th
Vasily (until 1998) Toreador ?
Carlak (1998-2012) Brujah 8th
Markus (since 2012) Ventrue ?
Ravenna, Italy Livia da Ravenna (Dark Ages) Ventrue 7th
Alessio Rinaldi, the Peacock Prince Malkavian 8th
Reykjavik, Iceland Smilla Grimsson Toreador ?
Riviera Guilbeau ? ?
Rochester, England
(Dark Ages)
Harold the Bearded Ventrue 7th
Rome, Italy Collat (Ancient Rome) Ventrue 5th
Camilla (Ancient Rome) Ventrue 5th
Andronikos Ventrue ?
Constantius (until 1229) Lasombra ?
Camilla (1229 until at least 1242) Ventrue 5th
Tryphosa Malkavian 5th
Darius (circa 2002) Nosferatu ?
Rouen, France
(Dark Ages)
Eustace of Macedonia ? ?
  • Legacy of Lies, p. 120
St. Petersburg, Russia Evgeniya Bezuevaia (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Anya Dyomin. (Victorian Age until 1917) Ventrue 7th
Nikolai (since 1990) Ventrue 8th
Sarmizgetusa, Dacia Damek Ruthven (Voivode, circa 1st millennium to 1232) Tzimisce 5th
Sevilla, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Sultan Gerushah bint Yoav
(also spelled Gerusah bint Yoav)
Brujah (or Lasombra?) 7th
Sicily Montano (Dark Ages) Lasombra 4th
Don Caravelli Brujah 6th
Siena, Italy
(Dark Ages)
Henricus Germanus (first became prince between 1197 and 1230) Ventrue 8th
Silves, Portugal
(Dark Ages)
Farouk ibn Omar (until roughly 1151) Lasombra possibly 5th
Muhammad ibn Farouk (Sultan circa 1151-1230) Baali (masquerading as Lasombra) 6th
Sofia, Bulgaria
(Dark Ages)
Basilio the Elder (circa 1197-1204) Lasombra 7th
Bela Rusenko (circa 1204-1230) Cappadocian 7th
Southampton, England
(circa 1493)
Father Samuel Toreador 7th
Spalato (Split), Dalmatia
(Dark Ages)
Ignatius Jacobi Lasombra ?
Sredetz, Bulgaria
(Dark Ages; these are erroneous references that should instead refer to Sofia, unless Sredetz is ruled by the Prince of Sofia)
Basilio the Elder Lasombra 7th
Bela Rusenko Cappadocian 7th
Stockholm, Sweden Olav Wiklund (late 19th century) ? ?
Greger Anderssen Malkavian ?
Strasbourg, France Marconius Kiasyd possibly 5th
Syracuse, Sicily Alchias (until 146 BCE) Malkavian ?

Szczecin, Poland

Elica Tzimisce 6th
Thessalonica, Greece
(Dark Ages)
Thibald (circa 1206) Ventrue ?
Natalya Svyatoslav (in or after 1230) Brujah 7th
Toledo, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Tercio Bravo (before 1212) Lasombra 7th
Elieser de Polanco (circa 1212-1230) Lasombra 7th
Toulouse, France
(Dark Ages)
Queen Esclarmonde the Black (Esclarmonde la Noire) Toreador 7th
Tregaron, Wales
(Dark Ages)
Rhys Brujah ?
Trondheim, Norway
(Dark Ages)
Dorsteinn (de facto Prince) Tzimisce 8th
Troyes, Champagne, France
(Dark Ages)
Helene La Juste Toreador 6th
Tudela, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Fulgencio d'Idalia Lasombra 7th
Uilidh, Ireland
(Dark Ages)
Baroness Eileen Brujah ?
Ulster, Ireland Milesius ? ?
Uppsala, Sweden
(Dark Ages)
Werter (de facto Prince) Gangrel 7th
Valencia, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Volaginius Tatian (circa 615-910) Toreador 7th
Sultan Abdullah the Wise (circa 1095-1146) Malkavian ?
Sultan Abu al-Filani (since 1146) Lasombra ?
Javier (since 1238) Lasombra ?
Aldonza Toreador ?
Venice, Italy
(Dark Ages)
Narses (660-1213) Lasombra 6th
Guilelmo Aliprando (since 1215) Lasombra 7th
Verona, Italy
(Dark Ages)


Vienna, Austria Valerianus (until 1155 or 1351) Ventrue 5th
Lotharius (since 1155 or 1351) Tremere 5th
Leopold (circa 1897) Toreador 8th
Voruta, Lithuania (Dark Ages) Žilvinas Followers of Set ?
Eglė Followers of Set ?
Gabija Tzimisce ?
Warsaw, Poland Henryk Rzegotka (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Hannah Buszek Toreador ?
Wiesbaden, Germany Gerhardt Sturm (until 1848) Tremere ?
Friedrich I (1848-1998) Ventrue 6th
Patricia von Bernstein (1998-present) Tremere 6th
Winchester, England
(Dark Ages)
Roger FitzWilliam (Baron until 1227) ? ?
Queen Melusine d'Anjou (Baroness since 1227) Toreador 7th
Yiaros, Greece Anushin-Rawan (since 1950s) Ventrue ?
York, England Julian Cerialis (or Julius Cerialis) (circa 4th-5th, 9th and 11th centuries) Ventrue 5th
Thrand (9th century until 965) Ventrue 6th
John de York (Baron circa 965 to the Victorian Age) Ventrue 6th
Zara, Dalmatia
(Dark Ages)
Cosimo Lucretia (until 1186) Lasombra ?
Gari (1186-1203) Malkavian 7th
Zaragoza, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Flavius Sidonius (also spelled Flavius Sidonis; Prince since the 4th century) Ventrue ?
Zurich, Switzerland Guillaume (often said to be Prince of all Switzerland) Brujah 5th

North America


Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Kingston, Ontario Iain MacLaren (also spelled Ian MacLaren; Prince since the 1970s) Ventrue 9th
Ottawa, Ontario Jonah (until 1978) ? ?
Cranston (1978 - ~2020) Nosferatu ?
Arundel (since ~2020) Ventrue ?
Montreal, Quebec Kyle Strathcona (circa 1760s-1780s) Ventrue 8th
Quebec, Quebec Annabelle (since the 1980s) Tremere 8th
Vancouver, British Columbia Siegfried Ventrue 7th-6th

Central America

Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Belize Arturo San Gerande Ventrue ?

Colon, Panama

Maria Genovese Donate Ventrue ?
David, Panama Enrico Arvador Toreador ?
Havana, Cuba Crocetta Giovanni Giovanni ?

Managua, Nicaragua

Alicia Penobscott Ventrue ?
Panama City, Panama Vojta Aminov Tremere ?
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sergio Bueno Followers of Set ?
Veracruz, Mexico Eletria (1500s-1993) Toreador 5th

Datura (since 1993)

Ventrue 6th

United States

Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)
Albany, New York
(called Fort Orange at the time)
Nostoket (circa mid-1600s) Nosferatu ?
Atlanta, Georgia Bedelia (until 1865) Malkavian 6th
James Benison Hodge (1865-1999) Malkavian 7th
Asheville, North Carolina

Nathan Van Der Brook (until 1999)

Ventrue ?
Aurora, Illinois Michael Aldrich (until 2003) ? ?
Baltimore, Maryland Alexander Garlotte (until 1999) Ventrue ?
Isaac Goldwin (since 1999) Ventrue ?
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Lawrence Meeks


Birmingham, Alabama

Alex Silverson

Malkavian 7th
Boston, Massachusetts
(merges domain with Hartford, CT c. 2021)

Madelaine Coventry (1635-1795)

Tremere ?
Baladin (1795-1825) Tremere ?

Quentin King III (1825-1999)

Malkavian 9th-8th
Hazel Iverson (c. 2021) ? ?
Boston and Hartford, New England
(unified domain c. 2021)
Boulder, Colorado Selene Arneault ? ?
Buffalo, New York Lladislas (until 1999) Brujah ?
Charleston, South Carolina Davis Purrel (until 1999) Toreador ?
Chicago, Illinois Maxwell (1837-1871) Brujah 6th
Lodin (1871-1993) Ventrue 7th
Joseph Peterson (unknown) Ventrue 8th
Kevin Jackson (since ~1993) Ventrue 8th

Cleveland, Ohio

Selma the Repugnant


Bartholomew 1991 ? ?
Boltazsar Lajos ? ?
Rachel Brandywine Malkavian ?
Dallas, Texas Charlemagne (abdicated) Ventrue 7th
Denver, Colorado Edward Williams Toreador 7th
East Bay (Berkeley and Oakland), California Amanda Koller ? ?
Finger Lakes Region Garrett ? ?
Gary, Indiana Modius Toreador 7th
Gloucester, Massachusetts Sir Pro Bono Malkavian 9th
Hartford, Connecticut
(merges domain with Boston, MA c. 2021)
Upton Rowlands Ventrue 8th
Honolulu, Hawaii Sanderburg Brujah ?
Houston, Texas Lucas Halton (until Gehenna) Tremere ?
Karen Suadela (during Gehenna) Brujah ?
Indianapolis, Indiana Jack Hanson (circa 1930s) Gangrel ?
McTiernan (circa Gehenna) ? ?
Iron Rapids, Michigan Marion Adrock (self-professed "Prince of all Michigan") Ventrue ?
  • Predator and Prey Book 1: Vampire, p. 32-47, et al.
  • Predator and Prey Book 6: Executioner, p. 18-22, et al.
Las Vegas, Nevada Don Michael Antonio Giovanni (until 1996) Giovanni ?
Benedic (since ~1950) Ventrue 8th
Los Angeles, California Don Sebastian Juan Dominguez (1870-1944)


Sebastian LaCroix (circa 2004) Ventrue ?
Vannevar Thomas (since ~2018) Ventrue ?
Lowell, Massachusetts Sir Sine Die Malkavian 9th
Manchester, Vermont Elsa Linden (1890-1896) Toreador 7th
Miami, Florida Gilbert Duane Malkavian ?
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Terence Merik (until 1992) Ventrue 8th
Mark Decker (circa 1993-2003) Gangrel 9th
Minneapolis, Minnesota Elizabeth Toreador ?
Saint Paul, Minnesota Samantha Merrain (until 2020) Toreador ?
  • Winter's Teeth (comic) #2 p. 4
New Bedford, Massachusetts Sir Sine Qua Non Malkavian 9th
New Haven, Connecticut Georgia Rowlands (until 1895) Ventrue 7th
Upton Rowlands (since 1895) Ventrue 8th
New Orleans, Louisiana Doran (1718-1763, 1801-1955) Ventrue ?

cMET: Vampire by Gaslight, p. 196 Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!

Simon de Cosa (1763-1801) Brujah ?
Marcel Guilbeau (since 1955-2005) Ventrue 8th
Antonio Calbullarshi (since 2005) Tremere 7th
New York City, New York Bernhard Heyn (1669-1673) Toreador ?
Pembroke (early 1800s to 1/1/1900; self-professed "Prince of the New World" before that) Ventrue ?
Catherine Trandor (Victorian Age; Temporary Prince) Ventrue 7th

Joseph Wellesley (Victorian Age; Dux Bellorum and de facto Prince)

Ventrue 7th
Michaela (de facto since 1929, declared in 1980, died in 1998 or 1999) Ventrue 7th
Calebros (Prince Pro Tempore, circa 1999-2001) Nosferatu 9th
Hellene Panhard (since 2001) Ventrue 8th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Buckston Ventrue ?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Isaiah van Holden (1750s) Brujah ?
Ann of Wessex (Victorian Age) Ventrue ?
Providence, Rhode Island Stanford Warwick (1900-1990s) Nosferatu 7th
Provincetown, Massachusetts Elsa Linden (since 1902) Toreador 7th
Quincy, Massachusetts Sir Probus Malkavian 9th
Richmond, Virginia Thatchet (until 1999) Ventrue ?
Marianna Jessup 21st century Ventrue ?
St. Louis, Missouri Alexander Vargos (circa 1994) Ventrue 5th
  • Dark Destiny, p. 126-130, 141-142
  • Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy Book 1: Blood War, p. 16, et al.
  • Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy Book 2: Unholy Allies, p. 22, et al.
  • Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy Book 3: The Unbeholden, p. 72, et al.
Jechid Del Monte Ventrue (circa 1995-21st century) ?
San Diego, California

Maria (until 1944)

? ?
Tara (since 1998) Brujah 9th
Shay (self-styled "Prince of El Cajon") ? ?
San Francisco, California Diego Don Delfonso (1849-1859) ? ?
Montelaine (1859-1877) Tremere ?
Cyrano (1877-1906) Tremere ?

Jebediah Hawthorne (Victorian Age)

? ?
Vannevar Thomas (1906-1996) (novels); (1910-present) (V20) Ventrue ?
Jochen Van Nuys (circa 1996-1999) Ventrue 9th
Sara Anne Winder (circa 2002) Ventrue 8th

San Joaquim, Texas

Samuel Travis Ventrue ?

San Jose, California

Allison Noyes Ventrue ?
Sarasota, Florida Roger Phillips Toreador ?

Savannah, Georgia

Sabert (1730s-1786) Ventrue 6th
Nathaniel Summerton (1786-1820) Ventrue 7th

Penelope Huxley (since 1820)

Ventrue 8th
Seattle, Washington Romano (circa 1942-1944) Tremere ?
Anson Toreador 8th

Lou Grand (until ~1999)

Toreador ?
Alec Cross (since ~1999) Ventrue ?
Seven Sisters Hills Madame Charlotte ? ?
Tacoma, Washington Vincent Gravenstein Nosferatu ?
Tampa Bay, Florida Roderick Dean (until 1995) Ventrue ?
Malachi Jones (since 1995) Ventrue ?
Tucson, Arizona ? Ventrue ?
Lettow Kaminsky Gangrel ?
Washington, D.C. Arthur Carroll (originally Prince of Georgetown circa 1800; declared Prince of Washington during the Civil War, during which he was slain) Brujah ?
Marissa (from American Civil War to 1968) Tremere ?
Marcus Vitel (1968 to 1999) Lasombra (posing as Ventrue) 5th
Virginia Scarlett Moon Gangrel 6th
Worcester, Massachusetts Sir Praxis Malkavian 9th

South America

Principality Name Clan Generation Source(s)

Bogotá, Colombia

Marcos Belegrad Toreador ?
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Toreador 5th
Caracas, Venezuela Tomas Marcello Tremere 5th

Lima, Peru

Carmalita Marie Santo ? ?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Suarez (circa 1943-1994) ? ?