Lisa Stevens was one of the original employees of White Wolf Game Studio, after suggesting the magazine merge with the struggling game company Lion Rampant. She had worked at Lion Rampant since 1987, having known Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein•Hagen in college, and contributed extensively to Ars Magica. In 1991 she left White Wolf to join Wizards of the Coast as their first full-time employee, and facilitated their acquisition of Ars Magica, which she resumed working on. She left Wizards in 2000 and in 2002 launched Paizo Publishing as its CEO.

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  • 1990: AM: The Order of Hermes (book) - Lisa "Look, I'll get to it after I'm through with Challenge and Origins, but before Tempest and GenCon, while I'm eating and talking on the phone......!!!" Stevens for juggling several hundred projects at the same time and still managing to keep part of her sanity intact.

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