A Lineage is a line of Prometheans who can trace their origin back through their Promethean creators to one of the Progenitors—the first Prometheans, created by human demiurges. A Lineage is primarily defined by the element used in its creation rite and the humour which the resulting Promethean has in excess.

Since the same techniques are used to create all the members of a particular Lineage, many aspects of the Promethean condition are defined by Lineage, including how Pyros may be replenished, the effects of Disquiet, and the disfigurements displayed when using supernatural abilities. Each Lineage also grants certain advantages called Bestowments, including such things as superhuman strength and stamina.

Lineages are named for a prominent figure in their history, usually their demiurge or Progenitor, though each also has various nicknames. Many of the most well known Lineages are very old: some date back many thousands of years, and others even predate Christ. The Frankenstein, the most famous Lineage—among modern mortals, at least—is a very recent addition, having presumed to be created around the year 1881 .

Existing Lineages

  • Frankenstein - Shambling, tormented patchwork creatures given life by lightning. They have an excess of Choleric humour.
  • Galatea - Created from the most beautiful parts around, they are animated via the Breath of Life, with an excess of the Sanguine humour.
  • Osiris - The closest thing to Royalty amongst Prometheans, due to their supposed descent from a god. They have an excess of the Phlegmatic humour,
  • Tammuz - Brought to life from the Earth, the Golems are hard-working and stoic. They have an excess of Melancholic humour.
  • Ulgan - Deeply spiritual, these creatures often take a Shamanic way of life. They have an excess of Ectoplasmic humour.
  • Unfleshed - The artificial Prometheans are tools given life, having no true origin. They have an excess of Oil humour.

A new Lineage has supposedly appeared in the last few decades, born not from a natural element but from the power of the atom. Sighting of "Nuclear Prometheans" are considered little more than legends, but the fact is the Zeka do exist. However, because of their dangerous natures and methods of creation, they tend to remain extremely reclusive, content to exist in secret.

Extinct Lineages

As the Divine Fire is a force of change, Lineages will sometimes cease to exist, usually when their unique creation rituals stop working, or when the unfortunate Promethean simply never commits Multiplicatio.

  • Amirani - A deeply introspective Lineage that were predecessors to the Frankensteins.
  • Faceless - Created by the horrors of the First World War, these tormented souls died out once the war ended.
  • Hollow - Beings of desperation and hunger, the Hollow were born from the Dust Bowl of the 1930s American Midwest.
  • Xibalban - Proud, ancient warriors originating from the far west.


Promethean: The Created Lineages

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