Linden Silvercrown is a Seelie wolf Pooka Wilder from the Kingdom of Willows.

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Linden Silvercrown

Because of her innate qualities as a pooka, namely shapeshifting and... bending the truth, Linden has managed to pass herself off as a Silver Fang Ragabash for nearly a year. She is an off-and-on again member of the Sept of the Changing Seasons, whose Garou believe that she suffers from memory lapses as part of her tribal weakness. Sometimes she doesn't seem to remember that she is Garou and acts as if she were a normal human. These spells actually occur when something happens to sever her connection to her faerie self, causing her to forget both her true nature and her elaborate charade. Her "septmates" have discovered that performance of particularly eloquent howls or complex circle dances will often restore Linden to herself. In actuality the Glamour created by these musical performances reawakens her faerie self.

Linden originally embarked on this innocent duplicity with the best of intentions. She discovered the existence of the Garou and, believing them to be long-lost faerie-kin, decided to find out more about them. Eventually she hoped to forge an alliance with them and the local changelings with the intention of combating encroaching Banality. She has since forgotten the reason for her deception and frequently believes she is, in fact, a natural Garou.

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In her fae mien, Linden is an extremely attractive young woman with silver hair, pale blue eyes, and the ears and tail of a wolf. In mortal seeming she appears as a slender, leggy woman in her early twenties with silvery blond hair. She can also transform herself into a silver-coated wolf of extreme grace and agility.

Personal Edit

Linden acts vague and confused most of the time because she is. She doesn't worry about telling the truth or not because she is no longer sure of the difference between truth and lies. She lives with a group of werewolves who believe she is one of them so maybe she is. Other times she thinks she's actually a faerie. And there's something else she needs to remember...

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