Lin Baloh is an 11th generation Lasombra, and one of the few Cainites of Asia. He is the leader of the Sabbat in the Middle Kingdom and currently acts as the Archbishop of Nanjing.


Born in the waning days of the Chinese Imperial rule, Baloh was born into a Jewish-Chinese family. During the Taiping Rebellion, his father and three of his brothers joined in and were killed after the rebellion was crushed. Baloh did not escape the pervasive despair that followed.

He became an opium addict in a search for distraction from life's grinding routine. When tax collectors took the last of the family estate, he wandered to the city, doing just enough day labor to pay for more opium. He came to the attention of Nanking's Lasombra brood in a particularly artistic and violent rampage along the waterfront, in which he used spilled perfumes and spices to create huge calligraphic insults directed at the port authorities.

The Lasombra were impressed by his courage and resolve even while exhausted and drugged, and brought him into their care. He served them as a ghoul for more than a decade, doing daytime errands and learning how to apply his blood-given powers to acts of creative destruction. After he was Embraced in order to escape a burning warehouse, he formally joined the brood.

He joined the Asian Sabbat in 1889 after he betrayed the brood to them. Baloh became one of the youngest Lasombra invited into the Friends of the Night since the first great Sabbat revolt, and he still plays a crucial role in keeping the scattered Asian Sabbat in touch with each other and in accord with sound doctrine.

He continues to spend most of his time in Nanking, but travels several times a year to meet with his fellow warriors in convenient ports throughout the region. He managed to forestall many potentially sect-disrupting problems during World War II through an aggressive program of establishing Vinculum bonds, which continues to tie diverse packs together.

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