Dame Lillian is a Seelie Nocker Wilder and Noble of House Beaumayn.

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Dame Lillian

This talented lady is responsible for perhaps the most important events for House Beaumayn since its return to the Autumn World: she recovered the Marvejols Script. An American had who only recently awakened to her fae nature, Lillian was an exchange student who was living in Marvejols for her time abroad when she came upon a small cave in a hillside during a hiking trip. Making her way past the traps inside as only a nocker could, she discovered an ancient tome on an altar in the very last chamber. Recognizing the surge of Glamour that marked it as a powerful Treasure, she brought it back to the States with her where the magic of the text immediately called Jeremy and Brendan Beaumayn from New Orleans. Once they realized the enormity of her find, they knighted her on the spot and began deciphering the work in earnest. Dame Lillian has since shown a remarkable grasp of both ancient and modern French and proven herself a fierce fighter and able crafter as well. Brendan considers her one of his closest friends.

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Lillian is a tall, pretty brunette with a friendly and unassuming manner that belies the sour reputation of her kith. Her temper is rare but white hot when kindled, as more than one foe has discovered to their regret. She especially loves working in theatrical set design and is currently awaiting her freshman year at a small college in the Kingdom of Apples.

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